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ENG201 Final Term Current - Past Papers

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ENG201 Final Term Past Papers

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ENG201 Solved Current Final Term Paper

(1)       Why it’s necessary to label the visual aids?
Answer: While it is important for you to eliminate unnecessary details form your visual aids, it is also critical to include labels for the important content. Labels also help people know what they are seeing when they read a figure.
2. Characteristic of good interviewer
Good interviewers are good at collecting information, listening, and probing, so should develop a set of interview questions and decide on their sequence.
(1)   importance of introduction section of report writing
A report's introduction summarizes the contents by describing the purpose of the report and giving an overview of the main ideas expressed within it.
(2)   how to improve the ability of good listing
You can improve your listening ability by becoming more aware of the habits that distinguish good listeners from bad.
(3)   why we should make the visual aids easy
Make your Visual Aids Easy to Find:
If you place the figure farther away than that (for instance in an appendix), you can help your readers by providing the number of the page on which the figure may found.
How make visual aid easy?
  • By Informative titles
  • By using appropriate objects
  • By removing unnecessary details
what do u understand by the word spatial?
If you are studying a physical object, study it left to right, top to bottom, inside to outside.
what do u know abt term abbreviations?
Abbreviations, shortened forms of words, are commonly employed in scientific and technical writing.
important functions of progress report?
Progress Report:    The progress report states the progress made towards the goal during the reporting period, discusses significant costs and scheduling issues, and lists future objectives to be carried out. Project monitoring and accountability are the main objectives of a progress report.
Distinct features of empirical research report?
An empirical research is a research that reports the results of a study and uses data derived from actual observation or experimentation. Such research is used to answer a question or test a hypothesis
steps of planning oral presentation
preparing for the presentation:
•  Knowledge of the audience
•  Knowledge of subject
•  Use of time
•  Rehearsal
•  Personal appearance and grooming.
Pictographs are a special kind of bar graph in which the bars are replaced by drawings that represent the thing being described.
Flow charts are an excellent means of representing the succession of events in a process or procedure. The simplest flow charts use rectangles, circles, diamonds, or other geometric shapes to represent events, and arrows to show the progress from one event to another.
Difference b/t informational and analytical reports
a. Informational
• Inform or instruct – present information
• Reader sees the details of events, activities or conditions.
• No analysis of the situation, no conclusion and no recommendations.
b. Analytical
• Written to solve problems
• Information is analyzed.
• Conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made
 c. Persuasive
• An extension of analytical reports: main focus is to sell an idea, a service, or a product.
Q.2 Adverb modifier
Adverb Modifiers:  Adverbs should be placed as close as possible to the words or phrases that they modify. If you allow an adverb to be separated from the word or phrase that it modifies, the interpretation of the adverb may become ambiguous. Always place a quantity adverb immediately before the word it modifies.
Q.3 Three points of Progress Report
Progress Reports:
• Typical Writing Situations
• The Readers’ Concern with the Future
• The Questions Readers Most Often Ask
Q.5 orientation phrase
In the orientation phase, group members socialize, establish their roles, and agree on their reason for meeting.
Criteria of reports
Criteria are the standards that you apply in a feasibility study to evaluate the alternative courses of action which you are considering. For instance, to assess the feasibility of opening the new branch office, Shazi uses many criteria such as:
• The existence of a large enough market
• A good possibility of attracting depositors away from the competition.
• The likelihood that profits on the deposits at the branch will exceed the expenses of operating it.
• The reasonableness of the financial outlay required to open the office.
scope of instructions
Information about the scope of the instructions answers the reader’s questions, “What kinds of things will we learn to do in these instructions -- and what things won’t we learn?” For example, the writers of a Tire Uniformity Manual would answer that question in their third or fourth sentence. The writers of the Macintosh manual answer the same question in this way. The manual tells you how to use the mouse and keyboard to control your Macintosh
types of interviews
Categorizing interviews:
• Job interviews
• Informative interviews
• Persuasive interviews
• Exit interview
• Evaluation interview
• Counseling interviews
• Conflict-resolution interviews
• Disciplinary interviews
• Termination interviews
rephrase dangling modifiers
A modifier whose connection to the sentence is implied or intended but not actually made explicit is said to dangle. Dangling modifiers detract from the clarity of your writing, so you should make sure your modifiers are properly connected to the words they modify. To repair a dangling modifier, add the noun or phrase to whom the modifier was intended to modify and rephrase the sentence accordingly.
comma splice and how to correct it
Comma Splice:
Never link two independent clauses with just a comma; this is known as a comma splice error.
The sun is high, put on some sun block.
This computer doesn't make sense to me, it came without a manual.
You can correct a comma splice in four ways:
• Separate the independent clauses into two separate sentences. Punctuate both sentences with periods.
• Replace the comma with a semicolon or with a semicolon and a conjunctive adverb such as however or furthermore. (The conjunctive adverb is then normally followed by a comma.)
• Replace the comma with a comma and a coordinating conjunction.
• Make one of the clauses into a subordinate clause.
1= identify, which of the following statement is the use of a line graph?
  1. To show the appearance of something that readers have never seen. photographs
  2. To display interaction between two or more variables. line graph
2=Name any two steps of listening. (2)
What happens when you listen.
• Sensing
• Interpreting
• Evaluating
• Remembering
• Responding
3=Choose the last gender based expression and fill that. (2)
i. There’s a car accident a head, I wonder if anyone has call a----- (police officer, police man)
ii. What qualification does anyone need to be a -----------? (Fire fighter. Fireman)
4=which of the following question is solved by the recommendations section of a report? (2) 
Recommendations: Just as conclusions grow out of interpretations of the facts, recommendations grow out of conclusions. They answer the reader’s question, “If your conclusions are valid, what should we do?” Depending on many factors, including the number and complexity of the things you are suggesting, you may state your recommendations in a single sentence or in many pages.
5=explain the budget statement? (3)
Budget statements: A budget statement is a table that shows how money will be gained or spent. It may be very simple or very elaborate depending on your reader’s needs.
6= what is the importance of facts in report writing? (3)
your facts are the individual pieces of information that underlie and support your conclusions and recommendations. If your report for example, Ayesha’s is based upon interviews, your facts are the things that people told you. If your report is based upon laboratory, field, or library research, your facts are the verifiable pieces of information that you gathered.
7= make three sentences by using subject – verb (SV) structure. (3)
Subject-verb sentences (SV)
The programmer (S) quits (V).
9= write detail note on proposal. (5)
A proposal is a special type of analytical report designed to get products, plans, or projects accepted by outside business or government clients.
11= what rules for capitalizing multiple wood titles and proper names? (5)
Rules for Capitalizing Multiple-Word Titles and Proper Names Unless you are following a documentation style that specifies otherwise, observe the following rules for capitalizing multiple word titles and proper nouns.
Capitalize all nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and subordinating conjunctions. Capitalize any word, regardless of the part of speech, if it is the first or last word of the title or subtitle or a proper name or if it follows a punctuation mark indicating a break in the title.
12= which important step should be followed to organize an outline of oral presentation? (5)
Oral presentations can be formal or informal, depending upon their explicit and implicit purposes and the delivery situation. An oral presentation can be almost any report type, such as a design review, a proposal, or a conference talk.
Whatever the specific type, however, an effective oral presentation is carefully planned with your objectives in mind and pays close attention to the demands of your audience
Effective oral communication is a combination of many skills:
• Outlining and planning
• Preparing overheads or other display media
• Rehearsing
• Delivery

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ENG201 Solved Final Term MCQs Mega Files

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ENG201 Solved Final Term MCQs Mega Files

Here we have Collection of ENG201 All latest final term papers and subjective question solved MEGA File. You can download Collection of Solved Final term papers from the links below:

ENG201 Final Term Paper Sample Questions:

ENG201 Final Term Question 1:- 

Identify each of the following as system software and application software.  (mark 5)
System software: - Linux, Disk cleanup, windows.
Application software:- Word Processor, Student information

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ENG201 Final Term Question 2:- 

Write a program which defines three variables of type double which store three different values 
including decimal points, using set precision manipulators to print all these values with different 
numbers of digits after the decimal number.(5) 
int main ()
double x1 = 12345624.72345
double x2 = 987654.12345
double x3 = 1985.23456
cout << setprecision (3) << x1<< endl;
cout << setprecision (4) << x2 << endl;
cout << setprecision (5) << x3<< endl;
return 0;

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ENG201 Final Term Question 3:- 

Define static variable also explain life time of static variable? (3) 
Static variable means maintaining the state of a variable. It exists and lives around even when we are
outside the function. It is created and initialized only once during the lifetime of the program and therefore
it will be destroyed or taken out of memory only once during the lifetime of the program.

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ENG201 Final Term Question 4:- 

What do you know about run time error? (3) 
Run-Time Errors
• Occur when the program is running and tries to do something that is against the rules
Example: Accessing a non-existent variable, property, method, object, etc (e.g. a method
name is misspelled)
• Sources of these can be determined by a careful reading of the code, but
unfortunately, not always.

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ENG201 Final Term Question 5: 

What is limitation of the friendship between classes? (3) 
Friendship relation between classes is a one way relation that is if one class declare friend another class then
the another class is the friend of first class but not the first class if the friend of another class.

ENG201 Final Term Question 6:  

what is the source and destination of cin?(2) 
For cin, the source is normally keyboard and the destination can be an ordinary variable i.e. native-data type

ENG201 Final Term Question 7:  

Write the general syntax of allocation memory dynamically to an array using new operator? (2) 
Answer: Page 332
Following is the syntax: 
new data_type [number_of_locations];

ENG201 Final Term Question 8:  

What is diffrent between pointer and variable? 
normal variable contains tha value of variable either int or float whereas pointer variable contains the
address of another variable

ENG201 Final Term Question 9:  

What is difference between Unary and binary operators and how they can be overloaded? 
Unary operator takes one argument.
a ++ is an example of unary operator
Binary take two operators
+,-,* are example of binary operators
Overloaded binary operator may return any type
Here is general syntax of overloading
Return-type operator symbol (parameters);
Operator is keyword

ENG201 Final Term Question 10: 
How many types of templates? 
There are two different types of templates in C++ language i.e.’ function templates and class templates.

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You Can Also Download 
Solved Final Term Papers, ENG201 Short Notes, ENG201 Assignment Solutions, ENG201 Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, ENG201 Solved MCQs, ENG201 Solved Quiz , ENG201 Solved Final Term Subjective Papers , ENG201 Solved Final Term Objective Papers from Virtual Study Solutions For Preparation of Final Term Papers.

ENG201 Quiz No. 01 Solution / Discussion Fall 2016

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ENG201 Quiz No. 01

Here is the Solution / Discussion of ENG201 Online Quiz No 01. Due Date: Nov 16, 2016. ENG201 - Business and Technical English Writing Quiz No. 1 Solution Fall 2016.

ENG201 Quiz Instructions:

Dear VU Students.
Read the following instructions carefully before attempting the Quiz:
  1. You have to attempt the online Quiz No. 1 on Nov.15 – Nov. 16, 2016. You can start attempting the quiz any time within given dates by clicking the quick link for Quiz on VU-LMS as it will become enabled within the mentioned dates. As soon as the time is over, it will automatically be disabled and will not be available to attempt it.
  2. Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and will cover lesson No. 1 to 10.
  3. Each question has a fixed time of 90 seconds. So you have to save your answer before 90 seconds. But due to unstable internet speed, it is recommended to save your answer within 60 seconds. 
  4. While attempting a question, keep an eye on the remaining time. 
  5. Attempting a quiz is unidirectional. Once you move forward to the next question, you cannot go back to the previous one. Therefore before moving to the next question, make sure that you have selected the best option. 

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Eng 201 Quiz No. 01 Solution / Discussion

Question no. 01 : Which of the following is/are the main aspect/s of written accuracy?
Question no. 02 : Which of the following font should be used on Overhead projection transparencies (OHPs)?
Question no. 03 : Fill in the blank with appropriate option to ensure CLARITY:

He ________ a new job.
Question no. 04 : ________ is important, not only because it genuinely improves the reader's ability to understand your material, but also because it gives the reader confidence in your ability to assert control over detail.
Question no. 05 : Dividing an audience into various subgroups is known as_______
Question no. 06 : It has been stated that the world of Communication is the world of …………
Question no. 07 : A clear problem statement and a preliminary outline play an important part in cultivating document accuracy.
Question no. 08 : Which of the following is the most appropriate line about ownership of a person’s communication at workplace?
Question no. 09 : A ______ resume emphasizes the functions and tasks the applicant can perform.

Question no. 10 :  Which of the following statements is most accurate with respect to sentence length in business writing?
  1. Business audiences tend to prefer longer sentences because these sentences provide more information.
  2. Business audiences tend to prefer longer sentences because these sentences are more impressive.
  3. Business audiences tend to prefer text in which long sentences are never used.
  4. Business audiences tend to prefer simple, efficient sentences over long, complex ones.

ENG201 Assignment no. 1 Solution Fall 2016

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ENG201 Assignment no. 1 Fall 2016

Here is the First Assignment of ENG201 Fall 2016. Assignment Solution is also available at the end of this Post. ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment No 1 Solution and Discussion.
First Assignment of Eng 201 has been uploaded. You can check out in your VULMS Account in English Course website.

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing

ENG201 Assignment Total Marks: 20
ENG201 Assignment Due Date: 10 /11/2016

For any queries you can email at

Due date of assignment is 14th November,2016. Make sure you submit it before due date.

ENG201 Mid Term Papers

ENG201 Assignment no. 1

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 1:

You are a fresh graduate with no work experience. Your dream job has just been announced in a newspaper which reads;

You are desperate to apply for this job but you have NO work experience, nevertheless, you have very rare strength i.e. you have graduated from one of the top business universities in Pakistan and the icing on the cake is that you have topped your institute by scoring 3.92/4.00 CGPA. Utilizing your strengths, compose FIVE objectives for your resume. Form your objectives in a way to make you stand prominent among other experienced candidates.

(5*2=10 Marks)

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 2:

Imagine as a Marketing Manager of Huawei cellular company, you have to deliver a presentation/ talk on the new model introduced in the market. Suggest a possible phrase for each of the given prompts to give an attention getting introduction.

(5*2=10 Marks)

  1. Greet your audience
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Give the title of your talk
  4. Explain that the audience can interrupt if they want
  5. Say something about the length of your talk

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ENG201 Assignment no. 1 Solution:

Here is the Solution of ENG201 Assignment no.1 Fall 2016

ENG201 Assignment Question No.1 Helping Material:

Sample of Career Objective Statements

  1. To obtain a significant and challenging position as a financial analyst advisor wherein I will learn and excel in finance operation processes. A job that provides me a scope for growth in the finance vertical.
  2. To grow in a progressive organization as a project manager where the blend of my 5 years experience and enhanced educational skills can help in achieving the goals of the company. I would like to exploit my potential and sense of obligation for the benefit of the organization.
  3. Mission statement: To make the most of my potential and discover new horizons in the field of acting. To utilize my perfect blend of 10 years active experience and creativity, those enable me to perform in the best possible way for many years.
  4. Personal mission statement: To excel in my work area and to add value to the present education system. My dedication, management skills and coaching expertise in the CYZ field can be utilized in this direction for being one of the top performers of the organization.
  5. Equipped with 7 years + experience in media communications, I am seeking a challenging position in an Entertainment channel.
  6. Career mission objective: Seeking a position in Sales and Marketing wherein I can utilize my communication skills and my Master of Business Administration degree to build a strong distribution network for achieving a higher market penetration level.
  7. An engineering graduate seeking an entry level position in Electrical Engineering.
  8. Sales Manager with 10 years of B2B (Business to Business) sales experience with a consistent track record of increasing the profitability between 12-17% annually.
  9. To secure a Corporate Business Development position wherein I can leverage customer relationship building skills combined with five years of sales experience in consumer goods market.
  10. Seasoned Front Office Clerk with four years on experience in hospitality industry with a consistent track record of acquiring annual ‘Best Employee’ award.”
  11. Recent graduate seeking an internship at a Public Relations organization for utilizing Multimedia and Social Networking skills.
Though, it is imperative to write a well constructed career statement but it is not necessary to limit yourself to a ‘One Size Fits all’ statement.

You can and should customize a mission statement as per the job profile you wish to apply for. Depending upon the skills sets required for a specific job profile, you can tailor the mission statement accordingly.

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 1 Solution:

  • I am seeking employment with a company where I can grow professionally and personally.
  • I seek challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills for the success of the organization.
  • I want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment that will provide me with advancement opportunities.
  • I want to excel in this field with hard work, perseverance and dedication.
  • I want a highly rewarding career where I can use my skills and knowledge for organizational and personal growth.
  • I am seeking a company where I can use my experience and education to help the company meet and surpass its goals.
  • I want to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence to meet personal and organizational goals.
  • I am seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve your organization and establish a career for myself.

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 2 Solution:

Marketing graduate CV sample
Mobile: +923*****
Email: ***

Career Summary

-Trained Marketing Graduate with extensive skills in Marketing Communications
-Learned how to design various blueprints to counter untrustworthy market volatility which included brand management and marketing of famous products.
-As an Intern,developed exceptionally good relationship skills to ensure fruitful promotion of company and its products
-Entry Level Market Graduate with skills of designing a blueprint to guide all marketing efforts in fruitful direction

Skill Sets

-Skilled in supervising Marketing Staff and Guide Sales Staff as per new marketing norms
-Proficient in Monitoring Market Reputation of a product and working on promotions and co sponsorship issues efficiently
-Demonstrated proficiency in composing written communications
-Excellent Interpersonal skills to behave in a best possible ways with clients

Personality Traits

-Persuasive & Team leader
-Warm, friendly and engaging personality
-Outstanding loyalty and commitment to the media and company
-Ability to work hard and smart
-Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency

Duties & Responsibilities

-Optimized sales through effective customer experience and marketing techniques
-Processing sales and marketing leads and assuring that leads are directed to the appropriate staff member
-Played role of being liaison between the salesperson and the customer
-Supervised Delivery and Monitored Sales Figures constantly


-Lead college in various Inter School Debate Competitions and won prizes.
-Actively volunteered in seminars and fests organized in college and came out with flying colors.


-HSC (ASDF Board) 2001 Commerce Stream 78%
-SSC (ASDF Board) 2003 Commerce Stream 68%
-MBA (Marketing) 2009 FGG Management Institute 66%

Personal Details

-Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
-Address: QWERTY

Download sample file for ENG201 Assignment Question no. 2:

ENG201 Assignment Question no. 2 Solution

  1. Greet your audience in the local language. ...
  2. Start with an attention-grabbing question. ...
  3. Open a conversation with your audience. ...
  4. Go among the audience. ...
  5. Get your audience to work together

  • Hello My Name is Muhammad Zubair, I am a marketing manager of Huawei cellular company, I am working last 5 years ,now I introduce a new model of Hawei . Quality, features and new apps etc 
  • Introduction to Huawei New Model 
  • As a professional speaker, you’ll inevitably face interruptions during your presentations. They won’t happen every time, but they will happen. Occasionally, for example, someone will accidentally leave his or her cell phone on, and it’ll ring in the middle of your talk. Most people will duck, act embarrassed, and hang up on the caller…but a few bizarre people will answer the call on the spot, providing an undesired and distracting intermission. Worse, every once in a while you’ll encounter a heckler—someone who deliberately tries to undermine your argument or divert your message. Most interruptions, however, will come from those who have genuine questions, spurred by nothing more than curiosity. You must know how to handle interruptions on the fly when they occur—without letting anything stop you in your tracks
  • I would like to thanking the audience for coming and thanking the organization for inviting me to speak.
  • I Hope will like and enjoy what you have to say. For example, you might say: "You are really going to enjoy the time we spend together this 
  • I am going to share with you some of the most important ideas that have ever been discovered new model of Phone
  • it is a great honor for you to be here, that they are some of the most important people in this business or industry, and that you are looking forward to sharing some key ideas with them.
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