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ENG301 All Midterm Past Papers - Fall 2015

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ENG301 Midterm Past Papers

You you can discuss and Download ENG301 All Midterm Past Papers of Fall 2015 from 19th Dec to 31st Dec.
Total question:17
Total Marks: 35
Total MCQs of 1 Marks:10
Total short subjective question of 2 Marks = 2
Total short subjective question of 3 Marks = 2
Total short subjective question of 5 Marks = 3

ENG301 All Midterm Past Papers -Fall 2015

Q1: Enlist and explain optional part of letter?
Q2: what is ethnocentric stereotyping?
Q3: Write the parts of letter head?
Q4: English is international language then why American want to learn other cultures?
Q5: Facial expressions and body language is important for communicaton. comment?
Q6: What is Direct Approach?
Q7: Write the Body of an Order Letter.

ENG301 Midterm Paper was as follows:

10 mcqs 
10 true false (in Subjective questions) 
Subjective Questions:
1- Disadvantages of Email
2- Laws and Regulations 
3- short summary of meeting during extracurricular activity 

Eng301 Midterm Paper on Dec 21 2015

At 10:30 :P

Total Questions were 17

10 MCQ’s = 10 marks

1 true and false = 2 marks

MCQs ENG301 Midterm Exam

1. Barriers in communication due to the difference of sensory perception are called________ barriers.
2. ____________ include vocal but non-verbal aspects.
3. When a vice president in an organization send message to the sales manager which type of flow is it?
4. _______ represent nation cultural variable.
5. By using buffer ……….. yeh wala bhool gai sholi :(
6. MA/na is the appropriate way to represent ___________ in business letter.
7. Which of the following is optional part of a letter .?
8. Which of the following approach is used to write a letter of “Thank you” to a customer
9. Which of the following is applied to make the message vivid?
10. Functional coordination is one important reason for communication with______?

Short Questions ENG301 Midterm Exam

True / False
1. I) It is significant to know about eating habit of the host country if you are planning to travel abroad?

II) Table manner are same in all parts of the world ??
2. Write any two points of writing a letter of refusal an order? 2 marks

3. (3marks)
I) The aim of cross-cultural communication training is to___________. ( create strong cultural ties, or develop business etiquette )

II) An e-mail style is determined by a person ___________ . ( culture , communicative ability )

III) Hearing and listening are same things? True / False
4. Choose the non-discriminatory expressions, ( 3 marks)
Sales person
News caster
Business person

5. What is the role of “ Personal space” in affective communication ? 5 marks
6. Fill in blanks related to topic Decision making in handouts page number 49
7. Fill in blanks two two options were given ( 5 Marks)

MCQ's Answers ENG301 Midterm Papers

Psychological Barriers , ( in handouts page 16)
paralanguage on page 19 last paragraph
Downward flow
Economic baqi 3 options bhi thy but wo individual k thy in handouts page 43
yaad ni pal me ny tukka lagaya tha i think koi good well ka :P
Reference section page 61 last paragraph
4 option were given in which attention line was optional part and others were standard parts.
Me ny direct wala select tia tha but i m confuse about it :(

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