ENG201 Mid Term Past Paper 25 Questions

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Wht's meant by plain English?

Plain English is close to spoken English and can be more easily understood.

What are credit requests?

It is the type of request for credit (oral or written) made in accordance with procedures established or practices followed by the Creditor for the type of credit requested

Credit requests require direct approach. Elaborate.

The first step in requesting credit is to get an application form. The second step is to supply the necessary information. Order letters are often combined with a request for credit.

Handling routine credit requests is important because consumers often carry a wallet full of plastic credit card, and business of all sizes operates more smoothly because they can pay for their purchases over time. There are

Two types of positive responses to routine credit requests:
Approving Credit
Credit References

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-1

What are the steps involved in Courtesy. 5 Marks

Courtesy stems from a sincere you-attitude. It is not merely politeness with mechanical insertion of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but applying socially accepted manners is also a form of courtesy. Politeness grows out of respect and concern for others. True courtesy involves being aware not only of the perspectives of others, but also their feelings. Knowing your audience allows you to use statements of courtesy. Be aware of your message receiver.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-2

3.general structure proposal (marks 3)

Proposal Structure:
Front matter
Technical approach
Management requirements
Work plan
End matter

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ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-3

what AIDA (mark 3)

AIDA is a plan and it is the specialized version of persuasion

It has four phases:

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ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-4

5.written bad new message (marks 5)

Choose correctly between indirect and direct approaches to a bad-news. Establish the proper tone from the beginning of your message. Use neutral lead-ins to put your audience in an accepting mood. Present bad news in a reasonable and understandable way. Write message that motivate your audience to take constructive action. Close messages so that your audience is willing to continue a business relationship with your firm.

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ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-5

6.define camouflaged verb with example (mark 5)

Turning verbs into nouns and adjectives weakens your writing.

Watch for endings like -ion, -tion, -ing, -ment, -ant, -ent, -ance and –ency.

For example

Avoid camouflaged words

Use verb

The manager under look implementation of the rules

The manager implements the rules.

Verification of shipments occurs weekly

Shipments are verified weekly.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-6

5 marks describe phantom reader, complex and future readers

Phantom readers:

In some situations most important readers may b hidden from you. Written communications addressed to one person are used by others. These real but unnamed recalled phantom readers.

Future readers:

While identifying your readers you should keep in mind the possibility that your communication may be used weeks, months or even years from now.

Complex readers:

Readers consisting of diverse groups with widely varying backgrounds and responsibilities, each with a different agenda and each with a different way of functioning and communication.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-7

5 marks body of letter to IT departement about bug in LMS

Elements of a letter:
Recipient’s address
End notations

Start the letter two lines after the salutation. Body paragraphs should be single spaced with a double space between paragraphs. Indenting the first line of each paragraph is acceptable but is more informal than the unintended style

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-8

5 marks about paragraph illustration, comparison and contrast, Redundancies, cause and effect and one more

ILLustration: Information style may vary from the simple prose writing to illustration with tables, graphs and charts etc.

Comparison: emphasizes the similarities

Contrast: the difference

Redundancies: The state of being not or no longer needed or useful:

Cause and effect: Use cause and effect in paragraphs when you are tracking the development of one situation or event out of another. Cause and effect is an analytical mode of paragraph development. It attempts to show how events are influenced by or caused by others—the linkage of causation.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-9

2 marks transmittal letter

A transmittal or cover letter accompanies a larger item, usually a document. The transmittal letter provides the recipient with a specific context in which to place the larger document and simultaneously gives the sender a permanent record of having sent the material

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-10

5 marks Direct and Indirect approach

Direct approach(deductive):It means putting the main idea first followed by evidence. Direct requests get straight to the point because the audience usually wants to respond. For routine, good-news and goodwill messages, direct approach is effective that will please the reader or will cause no particular reaction.

Indirect approach(inductive): To put the main idea later and evidences first, use direct order if the audience’s reaction is likely to be positive and indirect order if it is likely to be negative. Short messages follow one of four organizational plans, depending on the audience’s probable reaction.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-11

3 marks write buffer , mean 3 long sentence and i should be write in concise sentence

Buffer: The first step in using the indirect plan is to put the audience in an accepting mood by making a neutral, non-controversial statement closely related to the point of the message. To compose your buffer:
Avoid giving the impression that good news will follow.
Avoid saying no

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-12

2 Marks Adjustment letter

Adjustment letter is written to offer brief description of the cause of dissatisfaction and prepare the necessary action. Adjustment letter is a letter in answer to a complaint letter. The answer may either be a refusal or a grant.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-13

3 Marks write about completeness

Your message is complete when it contains all the facts, readers or listeners need for the reaction you desire. Communication senders need to assess their message from the eyes of the receivers to be sure they have included all the relevant information.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-14

3 marks write 2 factor about Letter in business

Letters are used to communicate outside your organization. Whereas the memorandum is the primary vehicle for communication within an organization, letters are often used to communicate to individuals outside it, especially in formal and semiformal contexts.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-15

2 marks write a two ways of writing a good sentence/paragraph.

Construct Effective Sentences and Paragraphs:

At the core of clarity is the sentence. Important characteristics to consider are:

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-16

what is coherence and why is it important? (5 marks)

In a coherent sentence the words are arranged so that the ideas clearly express the intended meaning. Place the correct modifier as close as possible to word it is supposed to modify. In the examples which follow, notice that ‘unclear’ sentence conveys the wrong meaning.



Being an excellent lawyer, I am sure that you can surely help us


Being an excellent lawyer, you can surely help us.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-17

what is Editing message? and describe its factors (5 marks)
Content and organization
Stick to the point, the main idea, in the first paragraph. In the middle highlight the key features of your stance.
Eliminate redundancies

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-18

Question: What is disability bias?

Use sentence for disable workers. Use appropriate wording




Crippled workers face many barriers on the job

Workers who have physical disabilities face many problems on the job.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-19

Question: Highlight the difference between business letter and Memorandum.

Letters are used to communicate outside your organization. Whereas the memorandum is the primary vehicle for communication within an organization, letters are often used to communicate to individuals outside it, especially in formal and semiformal contexts.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-20

Question: How camouflaged verbs affect the process of business communication?

Turning verbs into nouns and adjectives weakens your writing.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-21

Question: What is the purpose of letter of inquiry?

A letter of inquiry asks someone for specific information. In some cases, such as a request for promotional material, the recipient will have a clear interest in responding to your letter. In other cases, such as a request for specific information on a product, the recipient may or may not be motivated to respond quickly. Consequently, always make the tone of the letter friendly and make it easy for the recipient to identify and provide the information you need.

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-22

Question: What is mean by Consideration? Elaborate

Consideration means to prepare every message with the message receiver in mind. Consideration is very important in effective communication. It shows that you understand your audience, which goes a long way to get your desired result. Consideration simply means you show empathy in your communication style. Along with understanding your audience, you should also:
Don’t loose your temper
Don’t accuse.
Don’t charge them without facts.

Three specific ways to indicate consideration are:
Focus on ‘you’ Instead of ‘I’ or ‘we’
Show audience benefit or interest in the receiver
Emphasize positive & pleasant facts

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-23

What is conciseness and why is it important?

Conciseness has a special value in technical fields. Writers are often tempted to include everything that could be relevant to their subject, rather than merely everything that is relevant to the communication task at hand.

The concise document is a piece of writing that conveys only the needed material. At the level of the whole document, conciseness is helped most by focus, the narrowing of document scope to a manageable problem and response

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-24

what is difference between formal and informal report?

A professional report conveys the impression that the subject is important. A formal report has many formalities, embellishments, and requirements, which must be completed. A formal report may be divided in three major divisions:

ENG201 Mid Term Paper Question-25

structure of a customer letter?

The opening paragraph states the reason for the letter. The frank request should arouse curiosity and encourage a frank response. The request for action should be devised for uncovering

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