How to avoid Getting Zero marks in Assignments

Dear Students, In this article we will discuss some very useful tips to avoid Plagiarism or Zero marks by instructor in Assignments. As we all know Many students do hard worker in making their own assignments but they are getting Zero Marks. 

How to avoid Plagiarism or zero marks in Assignments
How to avoid Plagiarism or zero marks in Assignments
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Follow these Steps

You can avoid this (Cheating , Plagiarism or zero marks) by using following techniques.

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Always trust in Allah and do your own work honestly. hopefully there will be no issue of Plagiarism or Zero marks.
  • Try to use unique kind of formatting for your assignment.
  • Try to rephrase the sentences in your own word rather than copy pasting from handouts or internet source or other student's solved assignment.
  • Try to use correct and suitable synonyms for the typical words used in definition or explanation taken from handouts, books or any other source...
  • Try to Rephrase the definitions, Explanation & sentences in such a way that every 5th word should not be similar to the handouts or any other source. You can use synonyms also.
  • After completing Assignment , Right click on Assignment file and click on "properties" then click on "Summary" and make sure that its your name is written in "Author field"
Wish You Good Luck in Your Studies. Study Hard. Hope you find above information useful then remember me in your prayers.

Shared by : Sana

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