ENG201 Quiz No. 01

Here is the Solution / Discussion of ENG201 Online Quiz No 01. Due Date: Nov 16, 2016. ENG201 - Business and Technical English Writing Quiz No. 1 Solution Fall 2016.

ENG201 Quiz Instructions:

Dear VU Students.
Read the following instructions carefully before attempting the Quiz:
  1. You have to attempt the online Quiz No. 1 on Nov.15 – Nov. 16, 2016. You can start attempting the quiz any time within given dates by clicking the quick link for Quiz on VU-LMS as it will become enabled within the mentioned dates. As soon as the time is over, it will automatically be disabled and will not be available to attempt it.
  2. Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and will cover lesson No. 1 to 10.
  3. Each question has a fixed time of 90 seconds. So you have to save your answer before 90 seconds. But due to unstable internet speed, it is recommended to save your answer within 60 seconds. 
  4. While attempting a question, keep an eye on the remaining time. 
  5. Attempting a quiz is unidirectional. Once you move forward to the next question, you cannot go back to the previous one. Therefore before moving to the next question, make sure that you have selected the best option. 

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Eng 201 Quiz No. 01 Solution / Discussion

Question no. 01 : Which of the following is/are the main aspect/s of written accuracy?
Question no. 02 : Which of the following font should be used on Overhead projection transparencies (OHPs)?
Question no. 03 : Fill in the blank with appropriate option to ensure CLARITY:

He ________ a new job.
Question no. 04 : ________ is important, not only because it genuinely improves the reader's ability to understand your material, but also because it gives the reader confidence in your ability to assert control over detail.
Question no. 05 : Dividing an audience into various subgroups is known as_______
Question no. 06 : It has been stated that the world of Communication is the world of …………
Question no. 07 : A clear problem statement and a preliminary outline play an important part in cultivating document accuracy.
Question no. 08 : Which of the following is the most appropriate line about ownership of a person’s communication at workplace?
Question no. 09 : A ______ resume emphasizes the functions and tasks the applicant can perform.

Question no. 10 :  Which of the following statements is most accurate with respect to sentence length in business writing?
  1. Business audiences tend to prefer longer sentences because these sentences provide more information.
  2. Business audiences tend to prefer longer sentences because these sentences are more impressive.
  3. Business audiences tend to prefer text in which long sentences are never used.
  4. Business audiences tend to prefer simple, efficient sentences over long, complex ones.
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