ENG201 Assignment no. 1 Fall 2016

Here is the First Assignment of ENG201 Fall 2016. Assignment Solution is also available at the end of this Post. ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment No 1 Solution and Discussion.
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ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing

ENG201 Assignment Total Marks: 20
ENG201 Assignment Due Date: 10 /11/2016

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Due date of assignment is 14th November,2016. Make sure you submit it before due date.

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ENG201 Assignment no. 1

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 1:

You are a fresh graduate with no work experience. Your dream job has just been announced in a newspaper which reads;

You are desperate to apply for this job but you have NO work experience, nevertheless, you have very rare strength i.e. you have graduated from one of the top business universities in Pakistan and the icing on the cake is that you have topped your institute by scoring 3.92/4.00 CGPA. Utilizing your strengths, compose FIVE objectives for your resume. Form your objectives in a way to make you stand prominent among other experienced candidates.

(5*2=10 Marks)

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 2:

Imagine as a Marketing Manager of Huawei cellular company, you have to deliver a presentation/ talk on the new model introduced in the market. Suggest a possible phrase for each of the given prompts to give an attention getting introduction.

(5*2=10 Marks)

  1. Greet your audience
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Give the title of your talk
  4. Explain that the audience can interrupt if they want
  5. Say something about the length of your talk

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ENG201 Assignment no. 1 Solution:

Here is the Solution of ENG201 Assignment no.1 Fall 2016

ENG201 Assignment Question No.1 Helping Material:

Sample of Career Objective Statements

  1. To obtain a significant and challenging position as a financial analyst advisor wherein I will learn and excel in finance operation processes. A job that provides me a scope for growth in the finance vertical.
  2. To grow in a progressive organization as a project manager where the blend of my 5 years experience and enhanced educational skills can help in achieving the goals of the company. I would like to exploit my potential and sense of obligation for the benefit of the organization.
  3. Mission statement: To make the most of my potential and discover new horizons in the field of acting. To utilize my perfect blend of 10 years active experience and creativity, those enable me to perform in the best possible way for many years.
  4. Personal mission statement: To excel in my work area and to add value to the present education system. My dedication, management skills and coaching expertise in the CYZ field can be utilized in this direction for being one of the top performers of the organization.
  5. Equipped with 7 years + experience in media communications, I am seeking a challenging position in an Entertainment channel.
  6. Career mission objective: Seeking a position in Sales and Marketing wherein I can utilize my communication skills and my Master of Business Administration degree to build a strong distribution network for achieving a higher market penetration level.
  7. An engineering graduate seeking an entry level position in Electrical Engineering.
  8. Sales Manager with 10 years of B2B (Business to Business) sales experience with a consistent track record of increasing the profitability between 12-17% annually.
  9. To secure a Corporate Business Development position wherein I can leverage customer relationship building skills combined with five years of sales experience in consumer goods market.
  10. Seasoned Front Office Clerk with four years on experience in hospitality industry with a consistent track record of acquiring annual ‘Best Employee’ award.”
  11. Recent graduate seeking an internship at a Public Relations organization for utilizing Multimedia and Social Networking skills.
Though, it is imperative to write a well constructed career statement but it is not necessary to limit yourself to a ‘One Size Fits all’ statement.

You can and should customize a mission statement as per the job profile you wish to apply for. Depending upon the skills sets required for a specific job profile, you can tailor the mission statement accordingly.

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 1 Solution:

  • I am seeking employment with a company where I can grow professionally and personally.
  • I seek challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills for the success of the organization.
  • I want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment that will provide me with advancement opportunities.
  • I want to excel in this field with hard work, perseverance and dedication.
  • I want a highly rewarding career where I can use my skills and knowledge for organizational and personal growth.
  • I am seeking a company where I can use my experience and education to help the company meet and surpass its goals.
  • I want to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence to meet personal and organizational goals.
  • I am seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve your organization and establish a career for myself.

ENG201 Assignment Question No. 2 Solution:

Marketing graduate CV sample
Mobile: +923*****
Email: ***@hotmail.com

Career Summary

-Trained Marketing Graduate with extensive skills in Marketing Communications
-Learned how to design various blueprints to counter untrustworthy market volatility which included brand management and marketing of famous products.
-As an Intern,developed exceptionally good relationship skills to ensure fruitful promotion of company and its products
-Entry Level Market Graduate with skills of designing a blueprint to guide all marketing efforts in fruitful direction

Skill Sets

-Skilled in supervising Marketing Staff and Guide Sales Staff as per new marketing norms
-Proficient in Monitoring Market Reputation of a product and working on promotions and co sponsorship issues efficiently
-Demonstrated proficiency in composing written communications
-Excellent Interpersonal skills to behave in a best possible ways with clients

Personality Traits

-Persuasive & Team leader
-Warm, friendly and engaging personality
-Outstanding loyalty and commitment to the media and company
-Ability to work hard and smart
-Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency

Duties & Responsibilities

-Optimized sales through effective customer experience and marketing techniques
-Processing sales and marketing leads and assuring that leads are directed to the appropriate staff member
-Played role of being liaison between the salesperson and the customer
-Supervised Delivery and Monitored Sales Figures constantly


-Lead college in various Inter School Debate Competitions and won prizes.
-Actively volunteered in seminars and fests organized in college and came out with flying colors.


-HSC (ASDF Board) 2001 Commerce Stream 78%
-SSC (ASDF Board) 2003 Commerce Stream 68%
-MBA (Marketing) 2009 FGG Management Institute 66%

Personal Details

-Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
-Address: QWERTY

Download sample file for ENG201 Assignment Question no. 2:

ENG201 Assignment Question no. 2 Solution

  1. Greet your audience in the local language. ...
  2. Start with an attention-grabbing question. ...
  3. Open a conversation with your audience. ...
  4. Go among the audience. ...
  5. Get your audience to work together

  • Hello My Name is Muhammad Zubair, I am a marketing manager of Huawei cellular company, I am working last 5 years ,now I introduce a new model of Hawei . Quality, features and new apps etc 
  • Introduction to Huawei New Model 
  • As a professional speaker, you’ll inevitably face interruptions during your presentations. They won’t happen every time, but they will happen. Occasionally, for example, someone will accidentally leave his or her cell phone on, and it’ll ring in the middle of your talk. Most people will duck, act embarrassed, and hang up on the caller…but a few bizarre people will answer the call on the spot, providing an undesired and distracting intermission. Worse, every once in a while you’ll encounter a heckler—someone who deliberately tries to undermine your argument or divert your message. Most interruptions, however, will come from those who have genuine questions, spurred by nothing more than curiosity. You must know how to handle interruptions on the fly when they occur—without letting anything stop you in your tracks
  • I would like to thanking the audience for coming and thanking the organization for inviting me to speak.
  • I Hope will like and enjoy what you have to say. For example, you might say: "You are really going to enjoy the time we spend together this 
  • I am going to share with you some of the most important ideas that have ever been discovered new model of Phone
  • it is a great honor for you to be here, that they are some of the most important people in this business or industry, and that you are looking forward to sharing some key ideas with them.
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