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Dear Students, Virtual University Need based Scholarship Spring 2017 Date has been Extended. Previously Last Date to apply was Friday March 31, 2017.As Per Latest Update Virtual University Need based Scholarship Spring 2017 Date has been extended to Friday March 24, 2017. Previously we shared: HEC Launched New Education Testing Service From Spring 2017.

Virtual University Need based Scholarship Spring 2017
Virtual University Need based Scholarship Spring 2017
If you are a deserving student and you are eligible to apply for need based scholarship, please apply at your earliest. 

The last date to apply for need based scholarship is Friday March 24, 2017 .

The University intends to provide scholarships to students:
  • Merit-based scholarship: to encourage healthy academic competition among students 
  • Need-based scholarship: to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

How to Apply for Virtual University Need based Scholarship

For Need based scholarships send email to needbase_scholarship@vu.edu.pk.

Need Base Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Scholarships shall comprise partial or full remission of the applicable tuition fee only; 
  • students shall have to pay all other dues,
  • Scholarships shall be valid for one semester only,
  • Scholarships may be awarded only to such students who:
  • are not in receipt of scholarship / financial assistance from any other source;
  • have not received exemption for any course(s).
  • In order to remain eligible for the scholarships, students must not have any repeat/fail course(s),
The scholarship shall be terminated if
  • the student withdraws / discontinues studies;
  • the student is convicted in any unfair means / disciplinary case.
  • Student whose scholarship has been terminated vide 8(e) (i) above will not be eligible for any further grant of scholarship during the same study program.
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Scholarships shall be granted to local students only.
The number and amount of scholarships shall be determined each year by the Management Committee based on the amount allocated in the annual budget.
Award of Need Based scholarships to newly admitted students
Students intending to avail Need Based scholarships shall apply on the prescribed form at the time of filing the admission application.
Students who have obtained at least 60% marks OR minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 OR minimum CGPA of 3.5 out of 5.0 (as applicable) shall be eligible for the award of a Need Based scholarship.

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The University shall compile separate Merit Lists of the eligible applicants for each of its programs on the basis of the examination on which the admission was granted.
The top students on each Merit List shall be awarded Need Based scholarships subject to Clause 8 above.
In case of any tie in the determination of merit, the marks/CGPA obtained by the students in the examination preceding the one on which the merit list was created, shall be considered; any remaining tie will be resolved on the basis of dates of birth, with the youngest being given precedence.

Award of Need Based scholarships to continuing students
To be eligible for the award of scholarships
student must have accumulated an equal or higher number of credits as prescribed in the applicable scheme of study.
Students who are availing Need Based scholarships must achieve a minimum semester GPA of 2.25 while maintaining a CGPA of at least 2.50, failing which the scholarship shall stand withdrawn.
Such students whose scholarship has been withdrawn for not maintaining the required CGPA of 2.50 will become re-eligible for the scholarship upon achieving the required CGPA. However, the resumption of the scholarship shall be subject to the availability of funds.

Need based Scholarship Important Note:

  • Amount and number of scholarships are subject to availability of funds.
  • The decisions of the Management Committee will be deemed to be final.
  • These rules may be added to or modified as required from time to time.

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