PAK301 Final Term past paper

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(Session - 2)
Time: 90 min
Total Marks= 55 

Semester = Spring 2010.

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PAK301 Final Term past paper Spring 2010

The political right of the majority to the exercise of power within the boundaries of a generally accepted political unit, area, or territory
Which one of the following highlights the above definition?
► Decolonization
► Right of self-determination
► Freedom movement
► Anti –colonialism

When did the rule of East India Company come into end in the British India?
► In 1857
► In 1858
► In 1947
► In 1948

In which year the mosque in KANPUR was demolished?
► In 1911
► In 1913
► In 1916
► In 1908

Why was the Mission send in 1945 called as Cabinet Mission Plan?
► It was recommended by the British Cabinet
► It consisted of three British Cabinet's members
► It consisted of the members of Indian Cabinet
► It was recommended by British Indian Cabinet

Who imposed the longest martial law in Pakistan?
► General Ayub Khan
► General Yahya Khan
► General Zia-Ul-Haq
► General Pervaiz Musharraf

When the system of Local government was abolished from Pakistan?
► In 1977
► In 1979
► In 1981
► In 1983

When did Zia’s military government hold presidential referendum in Pakistan?
► In 1983
► In 1979
► In 1984
► In 1985

For what purpose Wardha Educational Scheme was introduced by Hindus?
► To convert Muslims into Hinduism through primary educational literature
► To preach the basics of Hindu religion at the primary level
► To convert Sikhs into Hinduism through primary educational literature
► To convert the British into Hinduism through primary educational literature

When was the report on Muslims sufferings presented by Fazal-e-Haq?
► In December, 1939
► In March, 1939
► In March, 1938
► In October, 1939

How many members of the First Constituent Assembly were increased after the 1947?
► From 49 to 59
► From 59 to 69
► From 69 to 79
► From 39 to 49

What was the basic objective of the appointment of Mountbatten as Viceroy in 1947?
► To prolong British rule in India
► Because he was a good administrator
► To wind up the British rule in India
► Because he was affiliated with Congress

What is literacy rate of Pakistan?
► 40%
► 46%
► 50%
► 56%

What is meant by Distance Education?
► Education through phone
► Education through post mail
► Education through TV and Internet
► All of them

How many kinds of education are there in Pakistan?
► 8
► 6
► 4
► 2

Who was the president of Pakistan in 1958?
► Field Martial Ayub Khan
► Ghulam Muhammad
► Iskander Mirza
► None of these

When did military assume power in Pakistan for the first time?
► On 23 March, 1956
► On 17 February, 1960
► On 7 October, 1958
► On 14 August, 1956

What was sure about Pakistan?

► That Pakistan would be An Islamic state
► That Pakistan would be A secular state
► That Pakistan would be A democratic state
► That Pakistan would be An Islamic democratic state

Who was the first president of Pakistan?
► Ayub Khan
► Iskander Mirza
► Ghulam Mohammad
► Khawaja Nazimuddin

Which constitutional body in Pakistan enjoys only advisory capacity?
► National Assembly
► Senate
► National Security Council
► Supreme Court

In which year the incident of "Chaura Chori" took place?
► In 1919
► In 1920
► In 1922
► In 1924

Q :Briefly tell about the Relations between Pakistan and Egypt?

Q :Write a very brief note on Land Reforms in Pakistan

Q :What was the total strength of the National Assembly under the 1956 Constitution?

Q :Draw attention to Junagarh issue.

Q :Briefly tell about the issue of Islamic or Secular status of Pakistan as a State?

Q :Write down some line about the educational career of Allama Iqbal.

Q :Write a note on the Geographical location of Pakistan.

Q :Write a brief note on the process of Industrialization during Bhutto regime.

Q :What do you know about the River/Cannal System in Pakistan?

Q :Write a note on the industrialization in Pakistan during Bhutto and Zia’s regimes

Q :Outline the criticism raised against the First Report of Basic Principle Committee.

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PAK301 Final Term past paper

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