ISL201 Final Term Exam Syllabus and Tips:

Today i am going to share with you ISL201 Tips and Final term Exam Syllabus. 
Almost 70% paper will be comprised on 9 to 16 lectures and 30% on 1 to 8 lectures.

Listen lectures very carefully and note down each point for the preparation of MCQs.

Note down the translation of verses which are included in handouts and video lectures.

Read handouts and write down each point for the preparation of MCQs and subjective questions of 3 and 5 marks.

You should also prepare the following type questions:
Define the given term like prayer, oneness of Allah, zakat, fast, honesty, brotherhood, universal brotherhood, society, obedience, worship, etiquettes, knowledge, information and morality etc. 

“Explain the following verse”

“Explain the following hadith”
“Give a verse or verses (translation) on the following topic” like importance of education, anger, importance of prayer or fast, truthfulness, obedience of parents, honesty, brotherhood and oneness of Allah etc.
“Give one or two hadith (translation) on the above mentioned topic”
“Translate the following verse or verses”
Note down the translation of different verse which are included in handouts.
Translation of verses and hadith is enough, Arabic text is not required.
Note: You can attempt paper of ISL201 in Urdu, English or roman Urdu (like ap ka kea haal h). But MCQs can attempt only in English.
Try to give answer in the form of points (it is depend on the nature of question). 
Most of the questions of three marks required three points and five points are required for 5 marks questions.

Paper will be comprised of MCQs and descriptive questions of 3 and 5 marks.

ISL 201 Overall grading scheme: 

Assignments: 5%
Quizzes: 5%
GDB: 5%
Midterm: 35%
Final term: 50%

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ISL201 Final term Paper Download Links

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Good Luck for Final Term Exams. 

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