CS201 Assignment no 3 Fall 2016

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CS201 Assignment no 3:

XYZ University needs a system for student’s courses and their semester details. A data entry operator needs to enter student’s data in to the system, and then the system will show the report of student semester information. Following data will be used by the system.
  • Course code
  • Course name
  • Semester
The system will allow entering data for five courses at a time and will input course code along with course name, later the system will format the report in a more readable form.

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CS201 Assignment no 3 Question:

Your task is to:
Write a C++ program to implement the above mentioned interface

  1. Your program should provide the user with options to enter data for courses along with course code. e.g.
  2. Enter course name along with course code: CS201 Introduction to Programming
  3. After taking course information from user your program should prompt user to enter semester information.
e.g. Enter Semester: Fall 2016
  • The program should input data for five courses and semester.
  • Use structure name “course” in your program. 
  • Use separate functions for taking user inputs, displaying and formatting outputs. 
e.g. Input Courses(),Display Header(),Display Courses(),Format Course(---) etc.

Note: Use structure to implement above program, no credit will be awarded if structure is not used.

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CS201 Assignment No. 3 Solution:

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