CS101 Final Term Past Paper Collection

Here are CS101 Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016.

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CS101 Final Term Past Paper Sample - 1

  1. Write 3 components required for email sending
  2. types of networks w.r.t area
  3. find syntax error, statement/coding was given.
  4. brief their role a onload / onunload
  5. define heuristics
  6. what is Dos regarding e.mail bombing
  7. 3 questions were related 2 java script coding
  8. Write formula to Find out average in ascending order. Statement was provided.
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CS101 Final Term Past Paper Sample - 2

Download CS101 Solved best file for Finalterm MCQS 1 to 45 lectures from the Link Below:

CS101 Solved best file for Finalterm MCQS 1 to 45 lectures.pdf, 4.1 MB

CS101 Final Term Past Paper Sample - 3

how DNS works because of its components while sending a user message

give name to given topology....ring topology pic was given

var. string =''the virtual university of Pakistan''...write java script so that it give output of jst name Virtual University

write 3 components of email sending n also describe them

find the syntax error in given JavaScript...5 were given

the java script of virtual uni of Pakistan was given ...whats the output of this java script...

a java script was also given with the name of asad ali... give the output of this java script(not remember all q)

CS101 Final Term Past Papers Collection - 1

  1. CS101 FINAL_TERM_SOLVED_MCQS By Moaz.pdf, 480 KB
  2. CS101 All Finalterm Long Questions in one file.doc, 45 KB
  3. CS101 Finalterm Long Questions Solved.pdf, 1 MB
  4. Cs101 Long Questions.pdf, 98 KB
  5. CS101 paper final papers.. ms 2003(2).doc, 1.2 MB
  6. CS101AllPastSolvedFinalTermPapersinonefile19SolvedPapersFinalTerm.pdf, 1.5 MB
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