STA301 Midterm Past Papers

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STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 1

  1. Important Questions of STA301
  2. Questions related to Pearson’s Coefficient of Skewness
  3. Questions related to Permutation and Combination
  4. If two coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting no head
  5. Questions related to Mean Deviation
  6. Questions related to Chebychev’s Inequality

STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 2

Around 75% STA301 mcqs were from moaaz file.
STA301 Midterm subjective questions were:
  1. 2 marks waly yad nhi but easy they
  2. 3 marks.. Coefficient of Skewness
  3. 3 marks.. find Coefficient of varience X, mean and n diya howa tha
  4. 5 marks . coefficient of varience almost similar above bus mean khud nikalna tha.
  5. 5 marks. . sample space of three coins and find at least 1 tail and No head
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STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 3

20 MCQs was from different chapters, i didn't refer to any past papers due to limitation of time.
  1. Calculate Q3, where Q1 and Quartile deviation was given (2)
  2. Two questions was related to Pearson's Coefficient of skewness (2 + 3).
  3. One question related to Bowleys' co-efficient of skewness (3)
  4. One question was from probablity related to faulty box and good box (5)
  5. Chebychev and Empircal rule with 1 and 2 standard deviation (5)

STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 4

  1. Define Sample Space
  2. Find geomatric mean given Values 20, 22, 25
  3. Find two moments of given values of x
  4. find geomatric mean values given
  5. find average or statement pori di hoi thi.
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STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 5

  1. find H. M 
  2. find Q1 and Q3 others values were given. 5 nuumber.
  3. define G. M with fourmula.
and Mean daviation is important . most mcqs were from Moaaz.

STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 6

  1. which type of data apply on Chebychev’s theorm is(2)
  2. what is correlation(2)
  3. relative and absolute frequency of distribution(3)
  4. what is grouping error and which technique is use overcome to this problem(3)
  5. mean devation (5)
  6. first four moment abot zero mean is given and find 1st three moment about mean(5)
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STA301 Midterm Past Paper Important Questions Part - 7

There were Total 26 questions in STA301 Midterm Exam.
  • 20 mcqs (mostly from Moazz Files)
  • 2 questions of 2 marks
  • Name the Types of dispersion
  • find out Harmonic mean
  • 2 questions of 3 marks
  • universal set related 
  • A(intersect) B Probability
  • 2 questions of 5 marks
  • moments related
  • Chebychev's theorem
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