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Here is the CS201 Mid term Paper of 2009 Examination:

CS201 Midterm Question No. 1:

( Marks: 1 )

To Which category of the software “Compiler and Interpreter” belongs?

Answer: (page 11)

The compilers and interpreters also belong to the System Software category.

CS201 Midterm Question No. 2:

( Marks: 1 )

What is the result of the expression x = 2 + 3 * 4 – 4 / 2


first multiplies 3*4 = 12 then Division 4/2 = 2

2+12-2 = 12

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CS201 Midterm Question No. 3:

( Marks: 2 )

Write a declaration statement for an array of 10 elements of type float. Include an initialization statement of

the first four elements to 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.


float tmp [10] = {1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0};

CS201 Midterm Question No. 4:

( Marks: 3 )

Write down the output of the following code?

int array[7], sum = 0;

for(int i=0;i


array[i] = i;

sum+= array[i];


cout<< “ Sum = “ <


Loop will run times starts from zero and add values from 1 to 6 which is equal to 21

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CS201 Midterm Question No. 5:

What will be the output of the following segment of C++ code?

int A[5] = {1 , 2, 3, 4};

int i;

for (i=0; i


A[i] = 2*A[i];

cout << A[i] << " ";



2 4 6 8 0

Loops will run 5 times as its starting from zero. It will multiply the value of each item in array as last time

is not initialized so it will multiply it with zero to give zero as output

CS201 Midterm Question No. 6:

( Marks: 10 )

Write a C++ program that will determine if a departmental store customer has exceeded the credit

limit on a charge account.

Program should input the following facts in five variables

1. Account number

2. Balance at the beginning of month (Beginning balance)

3. total of all items charged by customer this month (charges)

4. total of all credits (credits)

5. allowed credit limit

Calculate the new balance

New balance = Beginning balance + charges – credits

Determine if new balance exceeds the allowed credit limit. For those customers whose credit limit is

exceeded. The program should display the message “Credit Limit exceeded.”


CS201 Midterm Question No. 7:

( Marks: 1 )

Which programming tool is helpful in tracing the logical errors?

Answer: (page 13)

Debugger is used to debug the program i.e. to correct the logical errors.

CS201 Midterm Question No. 8:

( Marks: 1 )

Give the syntax of opening file ‘myFile.txt’ with ‘app’ mode using ofstream variable ‘out’.

Answer: (page 203)

out.open(“myfile.txt” , ios::app);

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CS201 Midterm Question No. 9:

( Marks: 2 )

What is the difference between switch statement and if statement.


The if statement is used to select among two alternatives. It uses a boolean expression to decide

which alternative should be executed. The switch statement is used to select among multiple

alternatives. It uses an int expression to determine which alternative should be executed.

CS201 Midterm Question No. 10:

( Marks: 3 )

Identify the errors in the following code segment and give the reason of errors.


int x = 10

const int *ptr = &x ;

*ptr = 5 ;



*ptr = 5;

declaring a pointer to a constant Integer. You cannot use this pointer to change the value being

pointed to: 

CS201 Midterm Question No. 11:

( Marks: 5 )

If int array[10]; is an integer array then write the statements which will store values at Fifth and

Ninth location of this array,


arrary[4] = 200;

arrary[8] = 300;

CS201 Midterm Question No. 12:

( Marks: 10 )

Write a function BatsmanAvg which calculate the average of a player (Batsman), Call this function

in main program (Function). Take the input of Total Runs made and Total number of matches

played from the user in main function

#include // allows program to output data to the screen

// function main begins program execution

int BatsmanAvg(int TotalRuns, int TotalMatches) ;



int stopit;

int TotalRuns, TotalMatchesPlayed =0;

cout << "Please Entere the total Runs made : " ;

cin>> TotalRuns ;

cout << "Please Entere the total match played : " ;

cin>> TotalMatchesPlayed ;

cout << "\n Avg Runs = " << BatsmanAvg(TotalRuns,TotalMatchesPlayed);

cin>> stopit; //pause screen to show output


int BatsmanAvg(int TotalRuns, int TotalMatches)


return TotalRuns/TotalMatches;


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CS201 Midterm Question No. 13:

( Marks: 1 )__________

What is the output of the following program?

#include iostream.h

main ( ) {

int RollNo;

int rollno;

RollNo = 5;

rollno = 8;

cout << “Roll No is ” << rollno; }


Program should not compile due to missing <> from following statement

#include iostream.h

if we ignore this then output should be

Roll No is 8

CS201 Midterm Question No. 14:

( Marks: 1 )_____________________

Why we include iostream.h in our programs?

Answer: page 15

iostream.h tells the C compiler to include the contents of a file, This is the name of the library

definition file for all Input Output Streams.

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CS201 Midterm Question No. 15:

( Marks: 2 )

Find out error in the code given below:

if ( num % 2 = 0 )

cout << "The number is even" << endl;


if ( num % 2 = 0 ) There should be extra = sign following is right statement

if ( num % 2 = =0 )

CS201 Midterm Question No. 16:

( Marks: 3 )

How learning to design programs is like learning to play soccer?

Answer: (page 6)

“Learning to design programs is like learning to play soccer. A player must learn to trap a ball, to dribble

with a ball, to pass, and to shoot a ball. Once the player knows those basic skills, the next goals are to learn

to play a position, to play certain strategies, to choose among feasible strategies, and, on occasion, to create

variations of a strategy because none fits. “

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CS201 Midterm Question No. 17:

( Marks: 5 )

Write the procedure of data insertion in middle of the files by Merge Method practiced in older systems?

Answer: (page 218)

· Opened the data file and a new empty file.

· Started reading the data file from beginning of it.

· Kept on copying the read data into the new file until the location we want to insert data into is reached.

· Inserted (appended) new data in the new file.

· Skipped or jumped the data in the data file that is to be overwritten or replaced.

· Copied (appended) the remaining part of the file at the end of the new file

CS201 Midterm Question No. 18:

( Marks: 10 )

Write a recursive function that takes three arguments (an integer array, starting subscript ‘s’ and

ending subscript ‘e’ ).

In first recursive call, the function should display the array from subscript ‘s’ (s = 0) to ‘e’ (e =

size of array). In each successive call, the function should print the array from index s+1 to e. T

function should stop processing and return when starting subscript becomes equal to ending


For example, if user enters values for array 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 then the recursive function must display the

following output.

2 3 4 5 6

3 4 5 6

4 5 6

5 6



#include ;

void PrintArray(int arrayInput[], int &s, int &e);

main ( )


int pause;

int TestArray [6] = {1,2,3,4,5,6};

int StartPoint = 0;

int EndPoint = 5;

PrintArray(TestArray , StartPoint, EndPoint);


PrintArray(TestArray , StartPoint, EndPoint);


PrintArray(TestArray , StartPoint, EndPoint);


PrintArray(TestArray , StartPoint, EndPoint);


PrintArray(TestArray , StartPoint, EndPoint);


PrintArray(TestArray , StartPoint, EndPoint);

cin >> pause;


void PrintArray(int arrayInput[], int& s, int& e)


for (int i = s; i<= e; i++)


cout<< arrayInput[i];




CS201 Midterm Question No. 19:

( Marks: 1 )

Suppose ‘z’ is a variable of type int. What will be the result of x = 27/4:

CS201 Midterm Question No. 20:

( Marks: 1 )

Give the general syntax of definition of structure.

Answer: repeat

Question No: 19 ( Marks: 2 )

Consider the structure

struct Customer


int custnum;

int salary;

float commission;


A programmer wants to assign 2000 for the structure member salary in the above example of

structure Customer with structure variable cust1 What line of code should he write

CS201 Midterm Question No. 21:

( Marks: 3 )

What is compiler?

Answer: repeat

CS201 Midterm Question No. 22:

( Marks: 5 )

What is the difference between while and for loop?


when number of iterations known we use for loop otherwise we will use while loop

CS201 Midterm Question No. 23:

( Marks: 10 )

Write a void function( ); that takes integer numbers from the user and then displays the sum of

odd and even numbers entered by the user. Your program should terminate if user enters a

negative number

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