How to make a Assignment.

Dear Virtual University Students, Here is the Complete tutorial with Step by Step instructions on how to Make a AssignmentPreparation of Assignments is a creative art and asks the student put all energies to resolve the problems based on knowledge she/he got during last sessions.

Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from internet, handouts or books.

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Follow Steps to Make a Assignment

Here are some Steps involved in making a good Assignment

  • Understand The Question
  • Set Solution Time period
  • Collect Relative Information and Data
  • Make First Draft of Solution
  • Recheck & Make Second Draft
  • Make Final Draft
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How to Make a Assignment - Instructions

Please, follow the Given steps for making a Good Assignment.
  • Download the Assignment file from VULMS.
  • Read the instructions carefully and also check the format of file in which you have to submit the assignment. Like in ENG, MGT, PAK it is (.doc or .docx format) i.e. MS word default format. While for CS it is .html format. Make sure you are submitting the file of required format.(It may change according to the subjects better read the instructions carefully first).
  • Duplicate the assignment file by Copy, Paste. & If it is PDF file then make a new word file in .doc or .docx format or any other which is given in instruction .
  • Now open the duplicate file and edit it Or if new then make it according to the given steps.
  • While Editing first remove the Instruction from the top.
  • Now on Top add heading e.g. if it is English Assignment then write (ENG101 Fall 2016 Assignment 2 or CS101 Fall 2016 Assignment 2).
  • After adding the heading go down and on right or Left corner write your student ID followed by Date on other corner.
  • After completing all these steps now answer each question respectively. Write the answers under the Questions and make the questions bold so they can be easily recognized.
  • After completing the assignment Save It and rename it to your subject and assignment no. along with student ID. Like: ( ENG101 Assignment 1 Fall 2016 (BCxxxxxx).
  • Check it twice thrice after completion for any errors or corrections.
  • After checking if you are confident that it is correct submit it on VULMS. And Try to complete and submit it before due date. Because after due date no assignment will be accepted.
  • Before submitting make sure that file is not corrupted and is 100% zoomed. 
  • For submitting go to the Assignment section of the subject. Click on Submit, browse and upload the file.
  • After your assignment is submitted it will show a message to you that your assignment/file has been submitted successfully. If not it will show an error that your file has not been submitted, In this case try submitting again.
  • Deadlines for submission must be strictly Noticed. Late assignments are not accepted since the Virtual University already makes an allowance for infrastructure problems such as power loss etc.

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