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I saw many students facing Dev C++ Problem with 64 bit. Here is the Solution of Dev C++ Problem with 64 bit.

so heres the solution and some things u should know about.
the header file <iostream.h> is no more supportable in new versions of DevC++ so this header file does not exit in Dev Library.

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So here's are 2 Solution ideas:

Dev C++ Solution :1

If u want to do same as given in handouts, the old version
then download the attached file and add that file in the following directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dev-Cpp\MinGW64\include
You will see the warning , but your C++ code will be compile and will run In shaa Allah

Dev C++ Solution : 2

1. Use #include <iostream> instead of <iostream.h>
2. As all the all the library classes are in the std:: namespace, so add using namespace std;
3. and whenever you will use cout or cin or other iostream functions add std:: with them
here's a sample of your first program.

same as if u want to take some Input from user here it is:


hope it will be Help You all.

Download Dev c++ iostream.h File

Dev C++ Attachments:

iostream.h, 2 KB

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  1. Shahzaib ahmed9 May 2015 at 23:35

    windows 8.1 me Dev_c++ ka compiler ksm nai ker rha kiya koi help ker skta ha k kis trh is ko set kr lo.

    and ager koi dosra IDE ha jo windows 8.1 me chalta ho please wo suggest ker de ...i am using windows 8.1 32 bit version...

    1. work kar raha hai 8.1 main bhi

      ap ka kiya error aa raha ahi ?

      can u plz share screenshoot

  2. Saira siddiqui9 May 2015 at 23:37

    yeah, just slight difference it have.

    thanks for sharing dear.

    1. u most welcome :)

      actually new comers k liyae problem hoti hai because wo as it is video lecture and handouts jaisa karna chahtae hain