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40 Questions
26 Mcqs
14 Subjective.


>>>What is the importance of comma as a punctuation mark and where is it used?

>>>What is the relationship between reading speed and reading comprehension?

>>>Express your views on the given topic in paragraph form. It should comprise of 100-130 words.

Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported? ( Marks 5 )

>>>Revise each comma splice or fused sentence into a correct compound sentence with a coordinating conjunction and appropriate punctuation. ( Marks 5 )

1. In March, Harry was transferred to a new plant in Detroit, and then he was laid off in June.

2. The CEO received a subscription to his favorite magazine; it arrived in the mail within two weeks.

3. The jury members deliberated for over two months, the judge has asked to meet with them today.

4. We will travel to Bermuda this summer, we will stay home.

5. The weather forecaster asked everyone to remain indoors, a storm was heading our way.

>>>What does this Statement expresses "Notes are our memory "

>>>What is the difference between comma splice and fused sentences?

>>>Active passive (Marks 2)

>>>Rearrange the sentences

>>>Word English consist of 3 parts. Describe them ( Marks 2)

>>>What are connectives indicates? (Marks 2)

>>>Cause and Effect find karnae thae sentences mein se (Marks 2)

>>> Run on sentences correct karna tha.


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1. Mr. Lim takes only______________________ drinks. He neither drinks wine nor beer.
2. He acted ______________ when he leaked the secrets of how his school basketball team will handle its rivals.
3. The dance will begin in the ___________________ direction and will then proceed forward and backwards.
4. The meeting was most __________________. None of the important issues were discussed.
5. An ________________ has to be found immediately or else the community will die from the poison.
6. Their arch-rival launched a _________________ against them when he realized they were off-guard.
7. Hugh did not like to mingle with others. His________________ behavior led him to seclusion.
8. I am reluctant to order goods from this factory as it has a ______________ sales policy.
9. The runner was __________________ from the finals when the officials discovered that he had taken steroids.
10. Such ___________________ behavior will not get you anywhere. You will only be considered uncouth.


Complete the following sentences by using appropriate words from the list given.

Antisocial counter-clockwise non-alcoholic
Antitoxin disloyally Disorderly
Counter-offensive disqualified non-returnable

Define the following terms. (3+2)

Express your views on the given topic in paragraph form. It should comprise of 100-130 words.

Describe your childhood home.

What are five main types of determiners? Write names only.
Why is it important to give an outline in an Essay?

Total Marks: 73 MCQs: 26 Questions of marks (2) are five, Questions of marks (3) are four, Questions of marks (5) are five

Define "Relative Verbs. (2)
five to seven questions are about corrections of verb including both (2) and (3) marks
Describe "Gerund" among following (5). ten sentences are given
Explain very common Fragments (5)
Explain ver common functions of Language English (5)
Describe the importance of "concluding paragraph" in Eassy Writing. (3)
Describe why "introduction" is used in Eassy Writing. (2)
Explain any two skills of comprehension reading. (3))
write a Paragraph of about 100-130 words about following topic "The interesting moment of your life"

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