word pad is better way to save quiz. you can edit it after saving. Because the blocks of quiz window will not save in Word-pad. Now note carefully the procedure.

  1. Open a Word-pad before starting quiz. And minimize its window.
  2.  On quiz window when question 1 appears. To  select that question
  3.            press Ctrl A
  4.  To copy question 1.
  5.           Then press Ctrl C.
  6. Click on Word-pad to paste Question 1.
  7.           Press Ctrl V
  8.  Then click on ur quiz window. And solve ur question.
  9.  Repeat that procedure on every question.
  10.  It takes very short time to save quiz. If u read these instruction carefully.
   Keep in mind.Saving and sharing ur quiz for others help is a good deed. And it will bring easiness      in ur life too. Wish u best of luck for ur quiz.
Note: U can save quiz in Note-pad also by same procedure. If u feel difficulty about saving quiz in Word-pad.

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