How to Install an Use Assembler

Dear Students, Here You can learn How to Install Assembler and How to use it.
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Step by Step tutorial to Install and Use Assembler

Step 1: 

Make a new folder named Assembly and place on the root of the any drive (C, D)

Step 2: 

Extract all the files and folder in the Assembly folder

Step 3: 

After that go to command prompt typing cmd on the run

Step 4: 

Go the c driver by writing C:

Step 5: 

Go the Assembly folder by writing command c:\> cd assembly

Step 6: 

There are two ways to write a program either you write program through edit command or writing in notepad and save it in the .asm file.

Step 7: 

The way to save the file is below

Step 8: 

then you check the listing file in the DOS by writing edit filename .lst

Step 9:

After that load the Debugger by typing AFD in the command prompt the complete description is given below

Step 10: 
Now we execute the program with F2 key ( instruction will move one by one)

Download Assembler

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