Cs101 Assignment no 2 Solution Fall 2014

Here is the Cs101 Assignment no. 2 Solution and discussion of Fall 2014.

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Cs101 Assignment no 2 Solution

<HEAD><div align="center">
<body bgcolor="grey "align="center">
<H1 valign="center">Registration Form</H1>
<table align="center" border="1" name="user detail" valign="left">
<form name="login" method="post" action="loginScript">
<table border="3"align="center" ><tbody><tr>
Usre Detail
<td>User Name: </td>
<input name="userName" size="10" type="text">
<td>Password: </td>
<input name="password" size="10" type="">
<table border="3" name="language"aligne="left">
<td valign=" LEFT" value="language">Language</td><br>
<input name="language" value="default" type="checkbox">
<input name="language" value="default" type="checkbox">
<input name="language" value="default" type="checkbox">
<input name="language" value="default" type="checkbox">
<table border="3"><tbody><tr>


<table border ="3"valign="TOP LEFT" name="gender">Gender:</td>
<input value="GANDER" name="from" type="radio"> Male<br>
<input value="GANDER" name="from" type="radio"> Female<br>

<table border="3">
<td valign="LEFT">Qualifcation</td>

<td valign="center" size="1" name="drop down">
<select valign="center" size="1" name="drop down">
<option valign="center"value="cours" selected> MSC</option>
<option valign="center"value="cours"> M.COM </option>
<option valign="center"value="cours"> BBA </option>
<option valign="center"value="cours"> BIT </option>
<option valign="center"value="cours"> BSC </option>
<td border="0" valign="right">Student ID
<TD width="150" align="left"><B>Description:</B></td>
<TD><Textarea name="address" cols="20" rows="3"></textarea></td>
<TD width="150" align="left"><B>Additional Info:</B></td>
<TD><Textarea name="address" cols="20" rows="3"> Write your next 10 year future plane.Do not copy</textarea></td>
<Td width="150" align="right"> </td>
<input type="submit" name="order" value="Submit">
<input type="reset" value="Reset">

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  1. Is it a solution of assignment no 2 cs101 fall 2016?

  2. pic does not add in the table . try every method please guide us what is the .gif type converter and add in the box .my assignment 70% complete

  3. Here is the Solution of Fall 2016