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CS506 Assignment no. 2 Solution Fall 2016


CS506 Assignment no. 2 Fall 2016

Dear Students as You may know CS506 Assignment no. 2 has been uploaded. The due date of this assignment is December 02, 2016.

CS506 Assignment No. 02
Semester: Fall 2016
Web Design and Development -CS506
CS506 Assignment Total Marks: 20
Due Date: December 02, 2016.

CS506 Assignment Instructions: 

Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:
  • You should submit your assignment before or on due date on VULMS.
  • Your assignment should be your own work. It should not be copied from internet, handouts or books.
  • You are suggested to use Netbeans IDE for developing your assignment.
  • You should import java swing and java awt packages in your classes.
  • You should create project with your Roll No. in Netbean IDE and create required classes in it.
  • You should zip your complete project (along with .java,.class and .jar files etc.) and upload on VULMS as a single file.
  • Your zipped file should be in .zip or .rar file format only. Any compressed format other than .zip or .rar of your programs will be considered the incorrect files and rewarded by zero. 
  • Assignment sent via Email will not be replied and accepted in any case.
  • If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be marked and awarded Zero marks.

CS506 Assignment Objectives:

  • To build knowledge about how event handling works in Java
  • To develop basic GUI application
  • To know how to use different GUI components of AWT and Swing packages 
For any query about the assignment, contact at

CS506 Assignment Question:

Marks 20

You are required to develop a small java program named as “Printer” by creating following Graphical User Interface (GUI) with functionality.


Functionalities Required

  • Print Quality drop down list should contain two values as; High and Low
  • Upon Pressing OK button, new dialog box should be opened with the following text;
  • “Thanks for using this application” and program must exit successfully.
  • Upon Pressing Cancel button, new dialog box should be opened with the following text;
  • “You Pressed Cancel Button”.
  • Upon pressing Help button, new dialog box should be opened containing following text;
  • “For more help, please contact”

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CS506 Assignment no. 2 Solution

You can download CS506 Assignment No. 2 Solution from the Link Below:


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