MGT501 Mid Term Papers.

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MGT501 Mid Term Paper Sample - 1:

  1. Strategic Period in HRM?
  2. What methods organization achieved for staff-reduction? 
  3. By computerized database, what changes in the Job Description and Job Specification?
  4. What you think, Orientation technique should be same for all new entrants or customized. Support with reasons.
  5. Explain “Conscientious” (Dimension of personality). Characteristics of low and high conscientious people?

MGT501 Mid Term Paper Sample - 2:

  1. Why organization focus on individual is important?
  2. Differentiate b/w reactive and proactive approach?
  3. Which is HR manager's approach in external environment?
  4. Benefits of team based organization?
  5. Benefits of application form?

MGT501 Mid Term Paper Sample - 3:

  1. what is difference b/t on-duty and off-duty technique?
  2. Difference b/w Personality and perception?
  3. importance of background interview?
  4. who perform job analysis?and outcome of job analysis? 
  5. What is organization and describe 3 important characteristic of organization?

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