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ENG101 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2018

ENG101 Current Mid Term Papers

Dear Students, Here you can read or Download ENG101 - English Comprehension Current Mid Term Papers of Spring 2018 from 23 June to 04 July. We have also Added ENG101 Past Papers and Helping Material at the end of this article for Mid Term Exam Preparation for Virtual University Students. If you have attempted your Mid Term Paper Please share with us in comments below. Previously we shared ENG101 Current and Past Mid Term Papers Fall 2017.

ENG101 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2018 - 23 June to 04 July
ENG101 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2018 - 23 June to 04 July

ENG101 Current Mid Term Paper 23 June 2018

Today i have attempted ENG101 mid term paper. I have listed few Question below that i remember from my today's ENG101 Mid term Paper.

Objective Questions:
In Objective Questions there were True False and MCQs which i don't remember to be honest.

Subjective Questions: 

  • Importance of inferences( 5 marks)
  • Personal attack and argument (3+2 marks)
  • Situational irony ( 2 marks)
  • Ek topic sentence tha ( 2 marks)
Shared by : ‎Sonu Parrii

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ENG101 Current Mid Term Paper 24 June 2018

Objective Questions:

Precise meaning in MCQs and some fill in the blanks about tenses.

Subjective Questions:
  • write 130 words paragraph about your childhood memory 
  • write paragraph
  • write three main technique for essay
  • write summary of a paragraph
  • antonym and synonym and tenses etc
  • write 140 words in paragraph. Topic : Could you be without TV ?
  • One long question was to convert paragraph to summary.
Shared by : Zuber Khan

More Current Papers of ENG101English Comprehension will be added as Soon as students will share with us. If You have already attempted ENG101 Mid term Paper of Spring 2018 Please share with us in comments section below to help other students.

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Download ENG101 Past Mid Term Papers 

More Question will be added as received in the mean time we recommend you to download given Past papers from Download Links and Prepare for Mid Term Exam Spring 2018.

Download  [ Solved MCQs for Mid Term ]

Download  [ Solved Past Papers for Mid Term ]

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