CS201 Current and Past Mid Term Paper

Dear Students, Here You can Read and Download CS201- Introduction to Programming Current and Past Mid Term Paper from 3 June to 14 June Spring 2017 shared by students who have already attempted their mid term paper which started on 3 June 2017.
CS201 Current and Past Mid Term Papers Spring 2017
CS201 Current and Past Mid Term Papers Spring 2017
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CS201 Current Midterm Paper Pattern For Spring 2017

Total Question = 26
Total Marks = 40

Time = 60 Mints

Objective Paper
1 Marks Mcqs = 20

Subjective Paper:

  • 2 Marks Short Questions = 2 
  • 3 Marks Short Questions = 2 
  • 5 Marks Short Questions = 2
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  • mcqs were mostly from moaaz collection (18 marks)
  • write a program using do while loop (5 marks)
  • explain & | operators (3 marks)
  • explain the highlighted lines in a program (5 marks)
  • write a c++ program ( 5marks)
  • write the output of a program (3 marks)
Shared By : amna mughal


1 - Write a program and display 15% tax of a item. First take a input from user and then show his 15% tax as output.
2 - Write a program in which ask user to inpur radius and then using switch statement write 2 cases
1. Enter A or a to find area of circle.
2. Enter C or c to find Circumference of circle
Formula were given ....

3 - write a program to make a 2D array which has 4 rows and 2 columns and display it. 
i used rand() and then displayed 1st row elements in it 

for example there is a array:
23 43. 5. 84.
54. 42. 1. 75
the Display/output should be like this :

23 43 5 84

shared by : Tariq Ali

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