CS101 Midterm Past Paper

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CS101 Midterm Paper of Fall 2009

You can read below CS101 Subjective and Objective questions that came in Midterm Paper of fall 2009.

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CS101 Midterm Objective Paper

Question No: 1
Human are better than computers at:
► Efficiency
► Accuracy
► Pattern recognition
► None of the given choices

Question No: 2
Cray-1 was first commercial _________ computer
► Super
► Mini
► Micro
► Personal

Question No: 3
URL is a/an ________
► Device
► Component
► Address
► Tool

Question No: 4
Mainframe Computers are also called _____
► Enterprise Servers
► Personal Servers
► Enterprise Managers
► Window Servers

Question No: 5
Which of the following is NOT a category of Mobile Computers?
► Laptop
► Palmtop
► Desktop
► Wearable

Question No: 6
Preliminary exploration of possible solutions, technologies, suppliers is called

► Viability
► Feasibility
► Specification
► Integration

Question No: 7
__________ give us the ability to manipulate data through reference instead of actual value.

► Constants
► Variables
► Data Types
► Operators

Question No: 8
Consider the following statement written in JavaScript:
str = ”Hello” + ” World”

What will be the value of str ?
► HelloWorld
► Hello World
► Hello + World
► It will result in error

Question No: 9
A tool that helps you to find the synonyms is called ______________.

► Language
► Paragraph
► Thesaurus
► Symbol

Question No: 10 

Communication protocol is a __________that governs the flow of information over a network
► Set of protocols
► Set of rules
► Device
► Set of methods

Question No: 11 

If a computer could pass the Turing test then it would be able to:
► think like human beings
► do the things faster
► win a million dollar prize
► store more information

Question No: 12
The first Web browser with a GUI was generally available in:
► 1992
► 1993
► 1994
► 1995

Question No: 13
Web is a unique invention by humans in terms that it is:
► accessible to only the owners who control it
► accessible from particular locations only
► accessible to all humans
► accessible to only the educational institutes

Question No: 14
In this URL http://www.msn.com _____identifies the domain name
► http
► www
► msn
► com

Question No: 15
______ is simply a fast port that lets you connect computer peripherals and consumer electronics to your computer without restart.
► Freeware
► Shareware
► Fire wire
► Firmware
Question No: 16

Which of the following is NOT supported by PC's power supply.
► -12 and +12 V DC
► -10 and +10 V DC
► -5 and + 5 V DC
► All are supported

Question No: 17
In which case Cache Memory is used
► To increase RAM speed
► To overcome BUS speed
► To overcome Speed rate between RAM and CPU
► To overcome CPU speed

Question No: 18
To display a single line text area on the web page, we use ___ tag

Question No: 19
If an algorithm is syntactically correct, but semantically incorrect then this situation is
► Very good situation
► Very dangerous situation
► Not very bad
► Neutral situation

Users communicate with the computer using a consistent user interface provided by the OS.
► True
► False

Question No: 21
Application developers do not need to know much about the HW, especially the micro Processor, while they are developing their application.
► True
► False

Question No: 22
The first spread sheet program was invented by
► Charles Babbage
► Dan Bricklin
► Paul Graham
► John von Neumann

Question No: 23
Which representation technique of algorithm is more suitable for developer to make actual code___________.

► pseudo code
► flow chart
► both pseudo code and flow chart
► Heuristics

Question No: 24
_____________ is used to terminate all JavaScript statements.
► Colon
► Semicolon
► Underscore
► Apostrophe

Question No: 25
In java script cookies can be created for future use_____.

► Easily
► No facility at all
► This is not possible without Java language.
► Cookies are files so java script can not handle it.

Question No: 26
When the microprocessor desires to look at a piece of data, it checks in the __________ first.
► hard disk
► cache

CS101 Midterm Subjective Paper

Question No: 27
What is the basic difference between 'magnetic tapes' and 'floppy disks' ?

Question No: 28
What was the name of first microprocessor built by Intel ?

Question No: 29 
What was the name of first super computer. When it was introduced?

Question No: 30
Write a short note on blue pacific Super Computer.

Question No: 31
What are JavaScript literal and what are its types?

Question No: 32
Can you say that URL and semantic web sites are same? Justify your answer by defining the both terms?

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