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STA301 Current Final Term Paper Fall 2016
STA301 Current Final Term Paper Fall 2016

STA301 Current final term Paper 2017

STA301 Current Final term past paper was Easy and Most Questions were from Past papers files and Moaaz File. i remember few question which i am going to share are:

1 - For the given grouped data, compute the MEDIAN value.
Group Frequency
51 – 55 1
56 – 60 7
61 – 65 8
66 - 70 4

2 - Calculate first two moments about mean from the following data.
X= 11,12,14,15,16,18,19

3 - From the given binomial probability distribution, find.

4 - In a binomial distribution, the mean and the variance were found to be np =12.38 and npq =8.64 respectively. Find the two parameters of binomial distribution.

5 - A random sample of 8 observations is drawn from a normal distribution with . Suppose that the sample mean is found to be Find 90% confidence interval for .

6 - (Use table value as )
Data: 71, 64, 54, 51, 65, 74, 52

7 -Use the above data to complete the following stem-and-leaf table.
Stem Leaf

8 - Define Cartesian product. Construct a Cartesian product for the following two sets A = {a,b} and B = {1,3,5}

9- A fair coin is tossed 25 times. Applying normal approximation to the binomial distribution, find the mean and variance.

10 - Formulate 90% confidence interval for population variance.
rite down the formula of 78th Percentile.

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STA301 Current Final Term Paper Sample

  • From Moaaz File about 20 Questions came in final term Exam.
  • In Subjective paper, there was a question of 15 marks from pearson coefficient
  • few Questions from possess law
  • Show leaf and stem in tabular form
  • Definition of quantitative variable
  • a table was given with a frequency missing. we were asked to find it .
  • overall paper was easy.

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