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As You may know C++ is very early programming language but still it has importance in the field of computer science. Here We will Learn basic topic of C++ Programming Language as simple as everyone can understand.
Introduction of C++ Programming Language
C++ Programming Language 

Why Use C++ Programming Language ?

First Question that comes in everyone's mind when they start to learn C++ Programming Language . As We know a Computer/PC is just a processor with some memory, capable of running tiny instructions like “store 3 in memory location 34567.” C++ is a high-level language: when you write a program in it, the short hands are sufficiently expressive that you don’t need to worry about the details of processor instructions.C++ give Programmer access to some lower-level functionality (i.e, memory addresses).

Advantages of Using C++ Programming Language

Lets have a look on advantages of Using C++ Programming Language.
  1. Conciseness:
  2. Maintainability:
  3. Portability:

Lets have a brief look at advantages of Using C++ Programming Language: 
  1. Conciseness: programming languages allow us to express common sequences of commands more concisely. C++ provides some especially powerful short hands. 
  2. Maintainability: modifying code is easier when it entails just a few text edits, instead of rearranging hundreds of processor instructions. C++ is object oriented (more on that in Lectures 7-8), which further improves maintainability. 
  3. Portability: different processors make different instructions available. Programs written as text can be translated into instructions for many different processors; one of C++’s strengths is that it can be used to write programs for nearly any processor. 

Important topics of C++ Programming Language:

  • Basic programming constructs of C/C++
  • Manipulation of data types i.e. arrays, strings, and pointers
  • Isolate and fix common errors in C++ programs
  • Memory Management including proper allocation/de-allocation procedures
  • Object Oriented Approach using C++
  • Writing C++ programs

introduction to C++ Programming Language 

Here are some Short Notes on C++ Just to Give You an idea of what you are about to Learn. C++ is a programming language--it will allow you to control your computer, making it do what you want it to do. A C++ program is a collection of commands, which tell the computer to do "something".
You can download C++ Lecture Notes from the Links Below:

Introduction of C++

Here You can read an introduction to C++ and hello world program, basic language features and variables.

Introduction - C++ Lecture Notes (111.9 KB)

Flow of control in C++

Here You can read Description of Control structures and Nested Control Structures. 

Flow of control - C++ Lecture Notes (127.6 KB)

Functions in C++

Here You can read Basic use of functions, declaration, arguments, return values and function overloading.

Functions - C++ Lecture Notes (459.7 KB)

Arrays and Strings in C++

Here You can read Basic use of arrays and strings. 

Arrays and Strings - C++ Lecture Notes (105.5 KB)

Pointers in C++

Here You can read Pointers and their Behavior, declaration and syntax.

Pointers - C++ Lecture Notes (136.9 KB)

Classes in C++

Here You can read Class declaration, instances, accessing fields, passing as parameters and constructors. 

Object-Oriented Programming in C++

Here You can read the Basic Ideas of OOP, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance.

Object-Oriented Programming - C++ Lecture Notes (147.0 KB)

Memory Management in C++

Here You can read Memory management, Allocation and De-allocation, new and delete operators.

Memory Management - C++ Lecture Notes (513.5 KB)

Advanced topics - I in C++

Here You can read Templates, Standard Template Library and Operator Overloading. 

Advanced topics I - C++ Lecture Notes(111.7 KB)

Advanced topics - II in C++ 

Here You can read File handling, References, Exceptions, Pre processor Macros and Casting.

Advanced topics II - C++ Lecture Notes(218.3 KB)

C++ is a core of programming world. Virtual Study Solution's Aim is to explain the every basic topic of C++ as simple as everyone can understand.
Furthermore We will discuss lot of example programs to clear the concept.


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