CS401 All Final Term Past Papers

Here You can Download CS401 All Final Term Papers And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016.

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CS401 Final Term Paper Sample 1:

In final term Exam 95% MCQs were from moaz file.


1-What is highest priority? 2 marks.

2-Where you can see IRT instead of IRET at the end of the IRS? 2 marks

3-What is the uses of Disk system? How to reset it? 2 Marks

4- Write assembly language program attribute using int 21 for program flag. 2 Marks.

5-Write the uses of REP prefix with an example? 3 Marks.

6-“Int subtract(int x, int y)” write this in assembly code. 3 Marks

7-What is triple fault? 3 Marks

8-Which flags are unaffected in mathematical operation? 3 Marks

9-Explain the term “Interrupt Hooking”.Also give example? 3+2=5 Marks

10-At which location interrupt gate descriptor table is stored? And describe the structure of this with an example. 5 Marks

11-Location screen half line from left to right.5 Marks.

12-How to read Disk system?Mention only Four attributes. 5 Marks.

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CS401 Final Term Paper Sample 2:

Marks 2
1. Interrupts are asynchronous what does it mean
2. Name the Standard format for sending data through serial port.
3. How local thread variable are created and accessed.
4. Write any four characteristics of SUN SPARC processor.

Marks 3
1. How local thread variable are created and accessed.
2. In 88 processor which pins are reserved for real time interrupts give their names.
3. Difference between stack clearance of pascal and C.
4. Describe these instructions.
Mov dx, buffer
Mov ah, 0x0A
Int 0x21

Marks 5
1. Explain purpos and functionality of a programmable interrupt controller.
2. Write assembly language program attribute for loading program using int 21 service.
3. Explain these instruction
Mov ax, 0x4f02
Mov bx, 0x 4117
4. Difference between single step interrupt and break point interrupt.

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CS401 Final Term Paper Sample 3:

  1. With the reference to DB-9 connector, which pin is used as a ring “Indicator” 2 
  2. What kind of information is provided by the segment selector. 2 
  3. What is the proper way of initiating a breakpoints interrupt during the debugging of any program. 2 
  4. When does an IRQ conflict occur in a system. 2 
  5. In context of Disk media how many bytes are reserved for each of the following ports in 32 bytes directory format. 3 
  6. The processor uses I/O ports for communicating with peripheral devices, suppose processor desires to communicate with some peripheral devices. In this scenario, which instruction will be used to read or write I/O ports. 3 
  7. What is the functionality of CLI instruction. 3 
  8. In assembly language programming which service is used for getting VESA mode information? Also mention the status of concerned registers before and after the service execution. 3 
  9. Write and Assembly program which uses BIOS video service to display the string. “Introduction to Assembly” in the top left corner of the screen. 5 
  10. Write a program by making use of BIOS interrupt INT 10 to display your name on top left corner of the screen. 5 
  11. Which assembly instruction is used to clear a tap flag? Also explain the procedure to clear this flag. 5 
  12. At which location interrupt gate descriptor table is stored? And describe the structure of this with an example.
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CS401 MCQs File for Final Term Papers

You should prepare for  Final term papers from the file below. i m sure 80% to 90% will be from this file.

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