ENG101 Midterm Papers

Dear VU Students Here are ENG101 current midterm Past papers from 17 Dec to 29 Dec. 2016. You Can Also Download ENG101 Solved Mid Term Papers, Short Notes, ENG101 Assignment Solutions, Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, Solved MCQs, Solved Quiz ,ENG101 Solved Mid Term Subjective Papers ,ENG101 Solved Mid Term Objective Papers From This Discussion For Preparation Mid Term Papers of Fall 2015-16.

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ENG101 Current Midterm Paper - Sample 1:

There were 11 MCQs in Midterm Exam
and 6 short questions.

  1. Define hasty generalization 
  2. Fill in the blanks with given words
  3. Write antonyms of given words
  4. (smile, selfish, best)
  5. Write main idea from the given paragraph.
  6. Differentiate compound and complex sentence
  7. How is far important to understand writer point of view from the paragraph .
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ENG101 Current Midterm Paper - Sample 2:

  1. Define participles 2 marks
  2. difference b/w fact and opoinion 2 marks
  3. true false 3 marks
  4. Fill in the blank with participles 3 marks
  5. relationship b/w reading speed and reading comperhension 5 marks
  6. fill in the blank with or , and , but e.t.c 5 mark make the passage precise. convert into one 3rd of whole passage 5 marks
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ENG101 Current Midterm Paper - Sample 3:

There were total 17 Questions in Today ENG101 Mid term Paper.
  • Total MCQs of 1 Marks:11
  • Total short subjective question of 2 Marks = 2
  • Total short subjective question of 3 Marks = 2
  • Total short subjective question of 5 Marks = 2
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ENG101 Current Midterm Paper - Sample 4:

My today's paper contains 17 questions
11 MCqs and 6 Short questions.

  1. There were 2 statements to judge wether its an opinion or Fact . 2 marks
  2. another question was also like this to tell Opinion and Fact with 3 statements. 3 marks
  3. Put Suitable words in Blank spaces of a paragraph . 5Marks
  4. Write down 5 Sensationals of the statement of ILLUSTRATION/EXAMPLE . 5 marks
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