CS401 Mid Term Past Papers/Notes 

Here are CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Mid Term Notes. we also offer CS401 Past PapersCS401 midterm papers, Handouts, Lecture Slides, Assignments, Quiz and MCQs Download. You can download CS401 Assignments Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Past Assignments, Past Final Term Papers, Lecture notes CS401 Solved Papers and Assignments.

CS401 Solved Subjective Midterm Papers For Midterm Exam:

CS401 Solved Objective Midterm Papers For Midterm Exam:

CS401 Midterm Paper Fall 2015

CS401 MIdterm paper Total Questions : 26
CS401 MIdterm paperTotal Marks : 40
CS401 Midterm Paper Time : 60 Mints

  • Total 1 Marks Mcqs : 20 
  • Total 2 Marks Short : 2 
  • Total 3 Marks Short : 2 
  • Total 5 Marks Short : 2

You should also Read:

2 questions of 2 marks

1) a list was given and we have to select only bitwise operators

2) what will be the result of execution of the instruction of the instruction” LDS IS [BP +4]”?

2 questions of 3 marks

1) How many BYTES will be move by each of the following block of codes?

a) MOV cx,384 REP movsb

b) MOV cx,384 REP movsw

2) which instruction is used to swap the values?and what is the only limitation in this instruction?

2 questions of 5 marks

1) procedure about intrrupt

2)Replace the following invalid instruction with the single valid instruction

a. (a)mov IP
b. (b)mov IP,L5

c. sub sp, 2
mov [ss:sp], ax

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