CS619 Final Project Guideline and Help

The most important thing is knowing the importance of final project and tools/technologies need to learn for final project.

Question: Which Final Project should I choose?

Answer : Before choosing project first see your interest, then do some research or ask from your seniors what is current and future software industry. After that choose the right project with right technology.

Options of the CS619 Project

Web DevelopmentIf you choose web development project you must have knowledge of some mandatory technologies, some optional technologies and some modern technologies
  1. Mandatory
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Java Script
    4. Jquery
    5. Any DBMS
  2. Optional(Maximum one from below)
    1. PHP
    2. JAVA
    3. C#
  3. Modern Technologies
    1. AngularJS
    2. NodeJS
    3. MongoDB
    4. Express
    5. MVC frameworks of related Optional Technologies i.e. for C#, MVC4,5, for java Spring MVC, Primefaces, Sturts, for PHP Laravel etc

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CS619 Final Project Guideline

This is reality behind any web based project, so the students who confuse with either i do in PHP, java, c# or who r commenting tht "mjy java achi nai lagi", "farigh hy PHP" etc they should understand the system behind how web is developed. Therefore what ever you choose in web first give time to learning these mandatory technologies from anywhere, the google will help you on this and u will get lot of free trainings from there.

Here are some Links for Students Help:

https://www.udacity.com/          (ENGLISH/FREE)
http://youtube.com/vuacademy  (URDU/FREE)
http://lynda.com                         (ENGLISH/PAID[2500PKR/month]
http://stoneriveracademy.com     (ENGLISH/PAID)
http://udemy.com                        (ENGLISH/FREE)
http://coursera.com                     (ENGLISH/FREE)

    1. Java
      1. IntelliJ IDEA (The best and professional use)
      2. Eclipse (not better than IntelliJ but prof use)
      3. Netbeans (only student level use)
      4. Oracle JDeveloper (Professional use)
    2. PHP
      1. PHPStorm (best n professional)
      2. Zend Studio (professional use)
      3. Netbeans
      4. Eclipse for PHP
    3. C#
      1. One and only Visual Stuidio .NET
    1. Reporting ToolsThose projects whose requirement is reporting they must think about reporting tools.
      1. JAVA
        1. Jasper Studio (Open source/FREE)
        2. Crystal Report(Microsoft propritory )
      2. C#/.NET
        1. Crystal Report
      3. PHP
        1. ReportICO (Open Source)
        2. Logi Report
        3. DataVision
        4. Report manager
        5. MySQL Reports
        6. myDBR (Web Based)
        7. i-net Clear Reports
  1. Mobile Application Development
    This need 4 major technologies to learn
    1. JAVA
    2. Android SDK
    3. SQL Lite
    4. Web Services
      and and IDE Android Studio
  2. Desktop Development
    Here Students has two choices
    1. Java Based Desktop Development (Swing)
    2. Microsoft based (C# desktop Application ) 
  3. Networking
    The students who thinks that programing is difficult only those student opt this option and those who really have interest in this field they enjoy networking project because its all about network management throug simulation software which is in fact a very high level of network knowledge is required and even simulator software also very heavy like GNS3, Packet Tracker , M2N, Omnet etc , therefore dont choose networking project only because of you are running away from programming, these are for those who are doing the job in related area of networking and they want to do projects in their fields or who thinks they have excellent knowledge and concepts of networking they choose it.
Therefore Selecting your project means selecting your career path, feel free to communicate and don't every try to pay any one for the project which means you are giving someone a weapon to kill your career.

NOTE : All recording on http://youtube.com/vuacademy is purely and sincerely recorded for students who really want to learn and develop the project by their self but they are unable to find proper guidance. You only need to follow the videos to learn and implement.

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