CS609 GDB No.1 Solution & Discussion Due Date: February 19, 2016

CS609 GDB Solution and Discussion

CS609 - System Programming GDB No.1 Solution Fall 2015 Due Date: February 19, 2016
A Graded Discussion Board for System Programming (CS609) will be opened on Thursday 18 February, 2016 and it will be closed on Friday 19 February, 2016.

CS609 GDB Discussion Topic

A physical smallest storage unit on a hard disk is termed as a sector and number of sectors collectively form a cluster. Storing a file’s contents into a continuous series of sectors on a hard disk is considered as the best way of storing, as in this way the file’s contents can be easily accessed, so, the size of cluster is very important.

In view of the above, you are required to answer of the following:

Should we increase or decrease the number of sectors in cluster for effective file handling in hard disks?

Note: You have to provide at least two proper reasons to support your answer in either case by keeping the cost and capacity factors of current hard disks in your mind.

Read the following instructions carefully before sending your comments:

CS609 GDB will have weight-age of 5% of your total subject marks.
Your discussion must be based on logical facts.
You should post your comments on the Graded Discussion Board & not on the Regular MDB. Both will run parallel to each other during the time specified above.
Your comments should be relevant to the topic i.e. clear and concise (Maximum 4-5 lines answer).

Books, websites and other reading material may be consulted before posting your comments. (Do not copy the material as it is.)
No extra time will be given for discussion.
You cannot participate in the discussion after the due date or through e-mail.

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CS609 GDB Solution

in My opinion answer of this CS609 GDB is "YES"
because Cluster size, however, is not a predetermined size, but rather is determined by the size of the disk volume itself, with small volumes (disk sizes) resulting in smaller clusters, and larger volumes (disk sizes) using larger cluster sizes.

If we need to insert a large file in sector of 512 bytes then we must need more than 1 sector in a cluster............


A sector, being the smallest physical storage unit on the disk, is almost always 512 bytes in size because 512 is a power of 2 (2 to the power of 9). The number 2 is used because there are two states in the most basic of computer languages — on and off.

Each disk sector is labelled using the factory track-positioning data. Sector identification data is written to the area immediately before the contents of the sector and identifies the starting address of the sector.

The optimal method of storing a file on a disk is in a contiguous series, i.e. all data in a stream stored end-to-end in a single line. As many files are larger than 512 bytes, it is up to the file system to allocate sectors to store the file's data. For example, if the file size is 800 bytes, two 512 k sectors are allocated for the file.

A cluster can consist of one or more consecutive sectors. The number of sectors is always an exponent of 2. A cluster could consist of 1 sector (2^0), or, more frequently, 8 sectors (2^3). The only odd number a of sectors a cluster could consist of is 1. It could not be 5 sectors or an even number that is not an exponent of 2. It would not be 10 sectors, but could be 8 or 16 sectors.

They are called clusters because the space is reserved for the data contents. This process protects the stored data from being over-written. Later, if data is appended to the file and its size grows to 1600 bytes, another two clusters are allocated, storing the entire file within four clusters.

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