We Share Current mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 20 June 2015 ~ 01 July 2015 to help Students.

ENG101 All current Midterm Past Papers Spring 2015 from 20th June to 1st July 2015.

MY ENG101 mid term Paper

Total Question 52 thay jis may say kuch yaad hai aur share kar raha ho main 

1.He wanted to join the navy _____ his parents did not allow him to. 
  • if
  • but
  • neither
  • either

2. She employs a maid to do _____ the cooking _____ washing for her family.  

  • neither…nor
  • both…and
  • either…and
  • both…then
3. She ......... working on that manuscript for 2 years now. 
  • is
  • has been
  • had been
  • will be

4. The invitation is for two persons, so _____ Jack _____ his wife can attend the function. 
  • neither…nor ,
  • either…or ,
  • both…or ,
  • both…and

5. Pauline says there is nothing relaxing about chopping wood, swatting mosquitoes, and cooking over a wood stove. 
  • Compound Sentence
  • Complex Sentence
  • Simple Sentence
  • Compound-Complex Sentence

ENG101 Q41. direct speech and indirect speech with example define it ?

ENG101 Q42. ik paragraph aya tha jis aka main idea likhna tha ?

ENG101 Q43. Read the Paragraph and Answer the question?

ENG101 Q44. identify the sentences that are Not sentence fragments?

ENG101 Q45. Select the correct verb in each sentence.

  •   Had you been (waiting)(wait) long before the taxi arrived?
  •   she (enjoys)(enjoying) playing the piano.
  •    the team (wore)(wom their game jerseys on Friday.

ENG101 Q46. Express Your view on the given topic from. It should comprise of 100-130  word  
(paragraph yaad nahi)

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