Problem Statement:
You are required to Install/configure the JDK(Java Development Kit) on your system and create the simple Java Program that displays your name and VUID in the command prompt.
Detailed Description:
Firstly install and configure the JDK on your system, so that you can compile and run the Java program in command prompt.
For this purpose you have to set the following environment variable.
  • PATH variable
After installing the JDK, by setting the above environment variable, you are required to test JDK, by typing the following command incommand prompt
If you have correctly installed the JDK then followingmessage should be displayed in your command prompt.

Now you can compile/run the java program,
You are required to write the simple Java Program that will display your nameand yourVUID in the command prompt.

For creating a simple java program you are required to perform the following steps on your system.

  • Install and configureJDK.
  • Set the environment variable PATH
  • Write the simple java program in notepad and save it with your VUID, suppose you have saved your java programas “mc123456789.java” in some directory.  Make sure to add double quotes around java program name while saving your program in notepad.  For example create a folder known as “Assignment” in E: drive and save you program at path E:\Assignment

After performing the above three steps type the following command in command prompt as follows.

E:\>cd Assignment
E:\Assignment>javac mc123456789.java
E:\Assignment>java mc123456789
Muhammad Ali

As a result in command prompt your nameand VUID should be displayed
Note: you can save your program in any drive and folder but name of your java file should be your own VUID

Sample Output:

You have to send the following things in assignment.
Screen Shot ofCommand Prompt:
Screen shot of command prompt, after writing the java or javac command in command prompt, as follows.

Screenshot of command prompt window when you compile/run your java program it should displayyour nameandVUIDin the command prompt as follows.
E:\Assignment>javac mc123456789.java
E:\Assignment>java mc123456789
Muhammad Ali
Note: You can get the screen shot of any active window by pressing Alt+PrtScnkey.
Java Program:
Write the Java program and save it with your own VUIDlikems123456789.javatodisplay yournameandVUIDin the command prompt and send the code in the same word file, there is no need to send the java program in separate file you can send the code in same word file.
Note: you are required to send above things in a single Word File. i.e. (Screen shot of output window when you type java or javac in command prompt,screen shot of compiling/running of your program and thejava program code).

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  1. jin ki window 7 32 bit ki hai woh jdk ka yah software install kary
    or jin ki 64 bit ki hai woh yah software kary

    1. Yeh assignment mera khayal hai maximum 5 min ka kam hai es sy
      ziyada nae

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