Question No 1:                                                                                                                     Marks 10
In figure 1, some sort of CV template is given. You are required to re-write/type the shown template using built in MS word functionality with same background as in the image for specific text.
Question No.2 
comprises of two parts i.e. Practice part & Submission part.  Practice part is for your practice and the the code is given below. As for as the  Submission part is concerned, you will attempt it (Submission part) by following the same HTML code as mentioned in Practice part.


See the attached file for Soultion

CS101 Question 1 Solution

Practice Part
This is practice assignment

Student ID: BC130201551

Web Address:                                              mydomain

Submission Part

This will be your actual assignment

Personal Profile

Enthusiastic, reliable and friendly individual who works hard to achieve his/her goals. A quick 
learner who is always seeking learning opportunities.

© Virtual University of Pakistan

Email address: abc.123@yahoo.com


 1st.      Matriculation
2nd.     Higher Secondary Education
 3rd.     Bachelors

Question 2 Solution

<title>Assignment No. 02</title>
<h1 align="center">Personal Profile</h1>
<table align="center"
<table style="width:46%">
<input type="text"name="userName"size="20"></td></tr>
<tr><td>Favourite Drink:</td>
<td><select name="drinks">
<option value="tea">Tea</option>
<option value="coffee">Coffee</option>
<option value="softdrink">Soft Drink</option>
<option value="blank"selected>Select from given list</option>
<tr><td align="left"><h3>Submission Part</h3></td></tr>s
<tr><td><b> Skills </b></td><td>
<OL type ="i">
<li> MS Office </li>
<li> Adobe Photoshop </li>
<li> HTML </li>
<tr><td><b> Hobbies </b></td><td>
<UL type ="bullet">
<li> FootBall </li>
<li> Hockey </li>
<li> Cricket </li>
<table align="center"
<tr><td><b> Define Yourself </b></td><td>
<tr><td><ul>You have to write about yourself in maximum 200 words</ul></td></tr>
<tr><td><input type="reset"
value="Reset All Preferences">

Dear students!
It has been observed that students are having confusion about the submission format of assignment 2. Please note that you are required to submit complete solution of assignment 2 in Microsoft Word file (.doc format). i.e. both questions on same MS word file. You are not required to submit any separate html file. Instead you can provide your HTML code in the same Word file.
Try to attempt your assignment as soon as possible in order to avoid any inconvenience. No assignment will be accepted through email.
For any queries, kindly email us at cs101@vu.edu.pk

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