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Cs 601 midterm past papers

Attached Images Cs 601 midterm past papers Attached File
Attached Files Cs 601 midterm past papers Attached Files

Attached Files Cs 601 midterm past papers Attached Files

Cs 601 midterm MCQs was mostly from past papers!!! 

Describe power Bandwidth?

Tell which one is subject to noise FSK or PSK? Also write limitations of FSK. 

The musical instrument modulating signal has 15 KHz bandwidth. Find the bandwidth of AM. Write proper formula for it. 

A signal can be sent accurately to the receiver end with fewer frequencies instead of complete frequencies. Also name the bandwidth.

DTE of one network want to communicate with the DTE of another network. Two DCEs are directly connected to each other. Write all the steps needed for communication b/w two DTEs. 

Think yourself as a network consultant of Television broadcasting company. Tell which polar encoding scheme is best for company transmission. Write three solid reasons. 


1. define Null Modem

2. NRZ and RZ which require more band width

3. draw Manchester encoding for 01100

4. bit rate and baud rate calculate krna tha

5. bandwidth of FM


Q1 bipolar aur polar k funcion k name pouchy thy 2marks

Q2 audio aur data k liy bandwidth pouchi the limit di the 300 sy 3300 tak 2marks

Q3 time plot aur frequency plot domain k bary main tha 3marks

Q4 dc component aur synchronization ki bjay unipolar aur NRZ-I kun prefer ki gai ha 5marks

Q5 EIA 232 interfaces k bary main tha 5marks

Q6: like is trha point thy (4,0) and (6,0) aur btana tha k is per PSK, QAM OR FAM main sy kon sa method apply ho ga.

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