MGT101/401 Final Term Solved Papers

Latest MCqs Solved For ur Final term papers of All Subjects. Here you can Download MGT 101 and MGT 401 Solved MCQ's and Final Term Past Papers

MGT 101 Final term paper Part 1

Total 50 Questions (40 MCQs & 10 Subjective)
MCQs mostly of Calculation. (Study past papers recommended)
Questions are also of Calculation, mostly i.e Different Details/table were given and ask for CALCULATION. These TOPICs are

1 Premium Share

2 Cash Receipt

3 Amount of Turnover Creditor Ratio and Payables

4 Direct and Indirect expenses

5 Net Profit Ratio and Creditor Turnover Ratio

6 Operating activities

(B) One question from Rectifying Error, the entries were given and asked to correct them from given options.

(C) Asked for Current Account to make from given data/table

(D) One from Debentures

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MGT 101 Final term paper Part 2

Following is information of Shumile Ltd. for the year ended December 31st, 2009.

Cash in hand
Bank overdraft
Plant & Machinery
Accumulated profit & Loss c/f (credit balance) on 31stDecember, 2009.
Gross Profit on 31st December, 2009.
Paid up capital
General Reserve
Authorized Capital Rs. 10/each

Other information:
Depreciation is charged on all Depreciable Fixed Assets @ 10% p.a.

Calculate the written down value of fixed asset to be shown in balance sheet as on 31st December, 2009.

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MGT 401 Final term paper Part 1

62 MCQs and 7 questions

Q1: Common Components of Memorandum (5 marks)

Q2:What do you know about distribution Cost?support your answer with three examples (5 marks)

Q3:Classify the following activites into Operating , Investing and Finance activites . (5 marks) ( 5 activites was given,, this question is related to cash flow statement )

Q4:Format of income statement on the basis of functions of expense
(5 marks)

Q5: Format of Profit and Loss Appropriation Account for a limited company (3 marks)

Q6:How expenses are aggregated according to functions. (3 marks)

Q7: ( This was a numerical question to find out Earning per Share )
(3 marks)

MGT 401 Final term paper Part 2

total questions 69
62 are mcqs from all lessons.........

3 questions of 3 marks and 4 questions of 5 marks...................

1. provision for warranty?? 3

2. 1 application to record errors?? 3

3. methods to prepare cash flow statement?? 3

4. ledger entries?? 5

5. asked to teel which are operating and which are financing activities?/ 5

6. calculate shareholder's equity??/ 5

7. present value??

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