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Virtual University (VU) Exams Pattern

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VU Exams Pattern

Virtual University Mid term Exams duration range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes for final term Exams. Each question has a known correct answer.
Follow the Guidelines to Get Good Marks in Mid-Term Examination How You Should Prepare to Be Successful In Mid Term past papers to get Good Marks in Mid Term.

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Virtual University (VU) Midterm Exams pattern

Total duration of exam is 60 minutes.
15 to 20 total MCQs (1 mark). Some course has 30 to 35 total MCQs (1 mark).
1 to 5 written questions of 2 to 3 marks each.
1 question of 10 marks / 2 questions of 5 mark each.
100% Questions from 23 lectures.

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Virtual University (VU) Final Term exams Pattern

Total duration of exam is 90 minutes.
30 to 35 total MCQs (1 mark). Some course has 40 to 50 total MCQs (1 mark).
5 to 10 written questions of 2 to 3 marks each.
1 question of 10 marks / 2 questions of 5 mark each.
70% Questions from 23 – 45 lectures.
30% Questions from 1 – 23 lectures.

How to use the VU Exam Software

Duration of paper:
Mid Term : 60 minutes
Final Term : 120 minutes

Login the exam software by entering Student ID and Exam Password(mentioned on your “Exam Entrance Slip”).

Please note:

Exam Software shall automatically close when the prescribed time is over. You areadvised to save your data frequently in order to prevent any data loss. •In case you are asked by the examiner to close your paper on technical grounds, youmust close it through browser close button [ ] and NOT through the “Finish”button.

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Important Instructions:

Don’t copy image directly from paint. Instead, first copy the image into MS Word, thenpaste it in the Exam Software.
You can save data up to a maximum of 2MB size in a single descriptive question. •For larger images, save as monochrome bitmap image in MS paint, then paste it intoexam software.
Warning: In order to avoid any kind of data loss or other problem, take care of the following:
Do not close the browser window. •Do not press browser back button. Instead, use the exam software navigationbuttons.