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CS610 - Computer Network GDB Solution

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CS610 GDB 

CS610-Computer Network - Graded Discussion Board (GDB). Starting Date: Monday, August 15, 2016. Closing Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016. You can also get assignment Solution of CS610,GDB solution of CS610, current assignment of CS610 Computer Network, solved assignment of CS610,solved GDB of CS610.

CS610 GDB Topic:

In computer network environment, security issues include network integrity, unauthorized access to steal sensitive information, and different attacks like network denial of service attacks etc. These issues get significant with the increase in a network size. Large networks are more vulnerable to these issues because they have a higher probability of vulnerable points at which intruders can gain access. More users, more passwords, and more hardware mean more places a hacker can try to get in. Organization takes different measures to cope with these issues in wired environment where computational resources and power is not a major hurdle. Smart devices are being adopted by organizations at a rapid growth. Smart devices have the issue of computational resources and power and thus conventional measures cannot be adopted. With the adoption of 3G, 4G and in future 5G (for smart devices), these issues will be more escalated. Keeping in view the above facts, would you like to suggest the organizations to adopt new technology or not? Support your point with a brief logical reasoning in either case.

CS610 GDB Solution ( idea )

As of my Opinion if they should adopt new technologies and no doubt they won't stop adopting new technologies as the network become more efficient and wide having more capicity of systems or communications but they have to update their network securities rapidly with more reliable sources as due to the fear of troubles or risk we don't stop developments.
but we have to make networks systems more secure from the hackers and other threads
hamain new technology ko adopt krna hoga and the answer will be in the favour of yes. and koi b new technology ati hai us men advantages and disadvantages b hoty hain and time to time hamain sytem ko secure krna parta hai . and the last and valid point agr ham organization men new technology use nai krengy tu ham bqki countries say bht pechaye reh jayengy phly hi bht pechaye hain 3g and 4g b nai thek pak men and kuch cities men hai b nai and kashmir men bilkul nai and bki countries chand pay ponch gai hain ab tu whn 6g k din chal rhy........

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