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Virtual Universirty Fee voucher for Spring 2017

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Virtual Universirty Semester Fee Voucher For Spring 2017

Dear Virtual University Students, You are being informed that full semester Fee voucher for Spring 2017 have been issued. Please Check Your VULMS.

Virtual University has issued first voucher (semester enrollment fee + one course fee) for Spring, 2017 to continuing students with due date April 25, 2017.

Students may convert full semester voucher into installments through their LMS login, procedure is as under:

How to View You Fee Voucher for Semester Spring 2017

  • Log on to your VULMS.
  • Go to “Account book”.
  • Click on the installments option against full semester voucher and make installments as admissible.
List Of Successful New Candidates Appeared In VU Entry Test

SOP for making installments of full semester voucher

Two vouchers are generated for each semester:
  • First consists of Semester enrollment fee plus one course fee (to be paid in lump sum)
  • Second voucher consists of Full semester course selection less one course fee. The second voucher is convertible to installments if amount of this voucher is greater than Rs. 2,500 in case of local students and $200 in case of overseas students.
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Due Dates of Fee Voucher Installments

The due dates of the installments for the semester are as under: 
  • 1st Installment 10-May-17
  • 2nd Installment 12-Jun-17
  • 3rd Installment 10-Jul-17
  • 4th Installment 10-Aug-17 
  • 5th Installment 11-Sep-17
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Virtual University 8th Convocation Complete Details

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Virtual University 8th Convocation

Virtual University 8th Convocation (Karachi) is scheduled to be held on April 4, 2017 at 9:30 am at Pearl Continental Hotel - PC Hotel Karachi. For this, invitation letters are being dispatched to all registered graduates of Karachi event. Previously we shared List Of Virtual University 8th Convocation Position Holders.

How to Join Virtual University 8th Convocation

Please do not forget to print your invitation card and your guest’s entry card (which is mandatory for entrance) from the following link:\convocation\

8th Convocation Important Instructions:

1. Entry into the venue is restricted to card holder only
2. One card is valid for one person only
3. To avoid any embarrassment, please do not bring your children
4. Bring your original CNIC & one photocopy without which degree shall not be delivered
5. Mobile phones & electronic devices are strictly prohibited inside hall

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In case of any query, students may contact at:
1. Ph # 042-99204760, 99203899
2. Email :

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Virtual University Academic Calendar Spring 2017

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Academic Calendar Spring 2017

Here is the Complete Academic Calendar of Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) of Spring 2017.Admission are being offered in various programs for Spring semester 2017 by Virtual University so all the individuals who are interested in joining the first and only Information & Communication Technologies based university of Pakistan can submit their applications now. Virtual university has invited applications for admission in various Bachelors, Master’s and MS degree programs as well as diplomas and certification courses.

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No exact date for the closing of admissions has been announced yet but it is expected to be closed within the last week of March 2017 and classes will be started from 1 week of April this year. So we strongly recommend all of our visitors to submit their application form at the VU’s authorized department as soon as possible as any forms received after the due date will not be entertained and you will miss a great admission opportunity.

Orientation for newly admitted studentsMonday to FridayFebruary 2 - April 07, 2017
Option to Change of Study Program for existing StudentsFridayMarch 10, 2017
Last Date to Apply for MS/M.Phil Admissions Spring 2017FridayMarch 17, 2017
Pakistan Day (Holiday)ThursdayMarch 23, 2017
Last Date to Apply for Admissions Spring 2017 [All Masters, BS, Bachelor, Associate, PGD, Deficiency/Zero Semester, Specialization & Professional Short Programs]FridayMarch 24, 2017
Last Date to apply for Course Exemption / Transfer of CreditsFridayMarch 24, 2017
Entry Test for MS/M.Phil Programs AdmissionsSundayMarch 26, 2017
Course Selection Link Open for enrollment Spring 2017ThursdayMarch 30, 2017
Last Date to apply for Need based ScholarshipFridayMarch 31, 2017
Last date to apply for Change of Study Program for existing and newly admit studentsFridayApril 07, 2017
Commencement of Classes - Spring 2017MondayApril 10, 2017
Last date for Course Selection to add/drop/replace course(s)ThursdayApril 20, 2017
Labour Day (Holiday)MondayMay 01, 2017
Mid-Term Exam - Spring 2017SaturdayJune 03, 2017
Resumption of Classes after Mid-Term Exam (Spring 2017)MondayJune 19, 2017
Eid-ul-Fitar (Holidays)*Friday to MondayJune 23 - 26, 2017
Final-Term Exam - Spring 2017SaturdayAugust 12, 2017
Independence day (Holiday)MondayAugust 14, 2017
Final-Term Result Announcement - Spring 2017MondaySeptember 11, 2017
Dates to Remember
Last Date to apply for Need based ScholarshipFridayMarch 31, 2017
Last date to apply for Change of Study Program for existing and newly admit studentsFridayApril 07, 2017
Commencement of Classes - Spring 2017MondayApril 10, 2017
Last date for Course Selection to add/drop/replace course(s)ThursdayApril 20, 2017
Mid-Term Exam - Spring 2017SaturdayJune 03, 2017
Final-Term Exam - Spring 2017SaturdayAugust 12, 2017

* Subject to appearance of moon

If you require any further information, you can visit the official website of Virtual Website or can make a free call at 0800-88088.

How to Apply Online for VU Free Certificate Course

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Virtual University Free Certificate Course

The Virtual University Of Pakistan has introduced Free Certificate Course(s). This Free Courses are only for Students who updated his Alumni profile. Each Certificate Course comprised of one semester duration 18 weeks. 

Latest News : Virtual University Admission Schedule - Spring 2017

The purpose of these is to retrain professionals in new emerging areas of Science & Technology as well as provide the public with an opportunity to learn basic subjects which may be of general interest. Certificate Courses are offered in five disciplines: Computer Science, General Science, Humanities, Management and Mathematics.

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 Apply Online for VU Free Certificate Course
 Apply Online for Vitual University Free Certificate Course
The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, online quizzes, Graded Moderated Discussion Boards (GMDBs), mid-term and final term examinations.

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Each Certificate Course is of three credit hours (except Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies). The earned course credit hours are transferable towards degree/diploma program of the University. Course Certificate would be awarded by VU Academic Department ( to the candidate after successful completion of course work requirements.

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How to Apply Online for Free Certificate Course

  • Go to
  • Select admissions and select apply online.
  • Choose student status from radio buttons i.e. (within Pakistan or Outside Pakistan)
  • Select program short courses under degree program drop down menu.
  • Select certificate course under study program drop down menu.
  • Select your certificate course through check buttons.
  • Provide your free coupon number.
  • Fill up all other mandatory information as required for the admission and complete the form and other formalities.
NOTE: This Free Courses are only for Students who updated his Alumni profile.

Free Certificate Course for Spring 2017

The Virtual University has offered the following Certificate Courses in following disciplines for Spring 2017.
  • ACC501-Business Finance
  • BNK601-Banking Laws & Practices
  • BNK603-Consumer Banking
  • CS001-VU-Computer Proficiency License
  • CS101-Introduction to Computing
  • CS201-Introduction to Programming
  • CS202-Fundamentals of Front End Development
  • CS206-Introduction to Network Design & Analysis
  • CS301-Data Structures
  • CS302-Digital Logic Design
  • CS304-Object Oriented Programming
  • CS311-Introduction to Web Services Development
  • CS312-Database Modeling and Design
  • CS401-Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
  • CS402-Theory of Automata
  • CS403-Database Management Systems
  • CS408-Human Computer Interaction
  • CS411-Visual Programming
  • CS501-Advance Computer Architecture
  • CS502-Fundamentals of Algorithms
  • CS504-Software Engineering - I
  • CS506-Web Design and Development
  • CS507-Information Systems
  • CS508-Modern Programming Languages
  • CS601-Data Communication
  • CS602-Computer Graphics
  • CS604-Operating Systems
  • CS605-Software EngineeringII
  • CS606-Compiler Construction
  • CS607-Artificial Intelligence
  • CS609-System Programming
  • CS610-Computer Network
  • CS614-Data Warehousing
  • CS615-Software Project Management
  • ECO401-Economics
  • ECO402-Microeconomics
  • ECO403-Macroeconomics
  • ECO404-Managerial Economics
  • ECO501-Development Economics
  • ECO601-Business Econometrics
  • EDU101-Foundations of Education
  • EDU201-Learning Theories
  • EDU301-General Methods of Teaching
  • EDU303-Child Development
  • EDU304-Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
  • EDU305-Classroom Management
  • EDU402-Curriculum Development
  • EDU405-Classroom Assessment
  • EDU406-Critical Thinking and reflective Practice
  • EDU411-Teaching of Urdu
  • EDU501-School, Community and Teacher
  • EDU512-Teaching of Islamic Studies
  • EDU515-Teaching of Geography
  • EDU516-Teaching of English
  • EDU601-Philosophy of Education
  • EDU602-Educational Leadership and Management
  • EDU654-Addressing problems of learning through technology and pedagogy
  • ENG001-Elementary English
  • ENG101-English Comprehension
  • ENG201-Business and Technical English Writing
  • ENG301-Business Communication
  • FIN611-Advanced Financial Accounting
  • FIN621-Financial Statement Analysis
  • FIN622-Corporate Finance
  • FIN623-Taxation Management
  • FIN625-Credit & Risk Management
  • FIN630-Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • GSC101-General Science
  • GSC201-Teaching of General Science
  • HRM513-Performance and Compensation Management
  • HRM613-Performance Management
  • HRM617-Training and Development
  • HRM624-Conflict Management
  • HRM627-Human Resource Development
  • ISL201-Islamic Studies
  • IT430-E-Commerce
  • MCM101-Introduction to Mass Communication
  • MCM301-Communication skills
  • MCM304-Mass Media in Pakistan
  • MCM310-Journalistic Writing
  • MCM311-Reporting and Sub-Editing
  • MCM401-Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • MCM411-Introduction to Broadcasting
  • MCM501-Advertising for Print and Electronic Media
  • MCM511-Theories of Communication
  • MCM514-Feature & Column Writing
  • MCM515-Radio News Reporting & Production
  • MCM516-TV News Reporting & Production
  • MCM604-International Communication
  • MCM610-Mass Communication Law & Ethics
  • MGMT611-Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611)
  • MGMT614-Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT622-Management Skills
  • MGMT623-Leadership & Team Management - MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623)
  • MGMT625-Change Management
  • MGMT627-Project Management
  • MGMT628-Organizational Development (alt. code=HRM628)
  • MGMT629-Crisis Management
  • MGMT630-Knowledge Management
  • MGT101-Financial Accounting
  • MGT111-Introduction to Public Administration
  • MGT201-Financial Management
  • MGT211-Introduction To Business
  • MGT301-Principles of Marketing
  • MGT401-Financial Accounting II
  • MGT402-Cost & Management Accounting
  • MGT404-Managerial Accounting
  • MGT411-Money & Banking
  • MGT501-Human Resource Management
  • MGT502-Organizational Behaviour
  • MGT503-Principles of Management
  • MGT504-Organization Theory & Design
  • MGT510-Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510)
  • MGT511-Strategic Marketing Management
  • MGT520-International Business
  • MGT601-SME Management
  • MGT602-Entrepreneurship
  • MGT603-Strategic Management
  • MGT604-Management of Financial Institutions (alt. code=BNK604)
  • MGT605-Advanced Cost and Management Accounting
  • MGT610-Business Ethics
  • MGT611-Business & Labor Law
  • MGT612-Corporate Law
  • MGT613-Production / Operations Management
  • MGT621-Administrative Law and Accountability
  • MKT501-Marketing Management
  • MKT530-Consumer Behaviour
  • MKT610-Customer Relationship Management
  • MKT611-Marketing Research
  • MKT621-Advertising & Promotion
  • MKT624-Brand Management
  • MKT625-Services Marketing
  • MKT630-International Marketing
  • MTH100-General Mathematics
  • MTH101-Calculus And Analytical Geometry
  • MTH202-Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH301-Calculus II
  • MTH302-Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • MTH401-Differential Equations
  • MTH501-Linear Algebra
  • MTH601-Operations Research
  • MTH603-Numerical Analysis
  • PAK301-Pakistan Studies
  • PHY101-Physics
  • PHY301-Circuit Theory
  • PSC201-International Relations
  • PSC401-Public International Law
  • PSY101-Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY401-Clinical Psychology
  • PSY403-Social Psychology
  • PSY404-Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY405-Personality Psychology
  • PSY406-Educational Psychology
  • PSY407-Sport Psychology
  • PSY408-Health Psychology
  • PSY409-Positive Psychology
  • PSY502-History & Systems of Psychology
  • PSY504-Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY510-Organizational Psychology
  • PSY511-Environmental Psychology
  • PSY512-Gender Issues in Psychology
  • PSY513-Forensic Psychology
  • PSY514-Consumer Psychology
  • PSY610-Neurological Bases of Behavior
  • PSY631-Psychological Testing & Measurements
  • PSY632-Theory & Practice of Counseling
  • SOC101-Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC401-Cultural Anthropology
  • STA301-Statistics and Probability
  • STA630-Research Methods
  • URD101-Urdu
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Eligibility Criteria For PM National Laptop Scheme (Phase-III)

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Eligibility Criteria For PM Laptop Scheme 

Here is the Eligibility Criteria For PM National Laptop Scheme (Phase-III)-Ongoing Scheme.

Those students will be considered as Eligible who has enrolled till June 30, 2016 but not earlier than their respective program duration as per the table below:

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Eligibility Criteria For PM National Laptop Scheme
Eligibility Criteria For PM Laptop Scheme

PM National Laptop Scheme Important Note:

Students enrolled in Fall 2016 i.e. batch 1604 will be eligible to apply in Phase -IV. Therefore, such students must not apply in Phase-III.
Regards: University Focal Person for PMNL

  • S. No.
    Enrollment after
    PhD5 yearsJune 30, 2011
    2.MS/ M Phil2 yearsJune 30, 2014
    3.MBA 1.5/ 2.5/ 3.51.5/ 2.5/ 3.5 yearsDec. 31, 2014/ Dec. 31, 2013/ Dec. 31, 2012
    4.Masters (16 year education)2 yearsJune 30, 2014
    5.Bachelors4/ 5 yearsJune 30, 2012/ June 30, 2011
    6.Diploma of Associate Engineering3 YearsJune 30, 2013
    7.FA/ F Sc (Only for FATA and ICT regions)

    2 YearsJune 30, 2014        

  • Only Students enrolled in colleges located in FATA and Islamabad Capital Territory Region
  • Students studying in public sector Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutes duly recognized by HEC. Students studying as distant learner in Virtual University of Pakistan or Allama Iqbal Open University.
  • Students enrolled in PhD/ MS/ M Phil or equivalent 18 year program
  • Students enrolled in 1 or 2-year Masters degree program (morning and evening)
  • Student enrolled in 4-year or 5-year Bachelor degree program (morning and evening)
  • Students studying in government degree or postgraduate colleges of Federal Capital and Federally Administered Tribal Areas.Students' eligibility and enrollment status as defined above shall be determined on the day of distribution of laptops at the HEI, however if there is any unforeseen delay causing ineligibility of students, then those students having their online application submitted and "Accepted for Merit" will maintain their eligibility intact.
  • Students of degree colleges of other provinces may be covered from respective provincial arrangements (if any)
  • Criteria for Students enrolled in distance learning program at VU and AIOU, and students of polytechnic institutes of Pakistan and AJK shall be defined in coordination with respective universities/ boards and will be updated accordingly.
  • No laptop shall be issued to those who have availed in the past from such initiative(s) taken by the government or by the higher education institute.

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NOT to be eligible for laptops: 

Following students will NOT be eligible for laptops under this scheme:
  • Students of any private sector higher education institutes
  • Students of any government degree & postgraduate colleges except of Federal Capital and FATA
  • Students who have received a laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme
  • Foreign nationals, except students from AJK and Indian Occupied Kashmir
  • Any other students not listed above and/ or as identified and decided by the Steering Committee.
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