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CS101 Solved Midterm Paper Fall 2009

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CS101 Solved Midterm Past Paper 2009

Here we have CS101- Introduction to Computing Solved Midterm Paper of Fall 2009You Can Also Download CS101 Solved Mid Term PapersCS101 Short Notes, CS101 Assignment Solutions, CS101 Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, CS101 Solved MCQs,CS101 Solved Quiz, CS101 Subjective Papers , CS101 Objective Papers for Mid Term Exam Preparation.

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CS101 Objective Solved Midterm Paper

Question No: 1

Vacuum tubes were replaced by ___

► Punch cards


► Micro Processors

► Resistors
Question No: 2

Today’s computers are based on the technology of _____

► Punch cards

► Vacuum tubes


► Resistors
Question No: 3 

Browser is a __________ used for browsing.

► Tool

► Component

► Device

None of the given choices
Question No: 4

It represents the _______ flow chart element.

► Process

Input or Output

► Decision

► Connector

Question No: 5 

Which of the following number system is used by microprocessor?


► Decimal

► Octal

► Hexadecimal

Question No: 6 

Hexadecimal number system is based on ----------- digits

► 2

► 8

► 12


Question No: 7

Java script interact with user through____________

► Special control

► Internet explorer

Event handlers

► Java script does not interact with user

Question No: 8

Programs that are typically started from a shell (or automatically via a scheduler) are called Batch programs

Batch programs

► Event-driven programs

► Sequential programs

► Application programs

Question No: 9

A new cell using HTML is added in table row by

► <TC>…</TC>

► <TR>…</TR>


► <NC>…</NC>

Question No: 10

Waterfall is a _____ life-cycle model.

► Spiral


► Circular

► Spherical

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Question No: 11

What will be the result of the following formula in Spreadsheet application ?

SUM(A2:A3) =______(Assume that A2 = 25 A3 = 75)

► 25

► 50

► 75


Question No: 12

A __________ operating system allows many users to take advantage of the computer's resources, simultaneously

► Single user

Multi- user

► Single tasking

► Multi tasking

Question No: 13 

When we use <INPUT type=“password”>, what will happen?

► Text will not be visible

► Text will be in normal format

Text will be in **** format

► Text will be in #### format

Question No: 14

The world first computer program was written to compute:

► Simple sequence

► Multiple sequence

Bernoulli’s sequence

► Increasing sequence

Question No: 15

The first Web browser with a GUI was generally available in:

► 1992


► 1994

► 1995

Question No: 16

ASCII WHITE is the fastest Super computer which can perform _________ calculations in one second.

► 1.3 billion

► 1.3 trillion

► 1.3 miillion

► 1.3 thousand

Question No: 17

Monitor is an example of: output device

► Input Device

► Processing Device

► Output Device

► Storage Device

Question No: 18

Forms can be submitted through _________ methods





Question No: 19

______ is responsible for all the essential operations like basic house keeping, task scheduling, etc. Also contains low-level HW interfaces

► Hardware

► Device Manager


► Device Driver

Question No: 20

Which of the following is NOT an Application Software.

► Word Processor

► Web Browser

Windows XP

► MS Excel

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Question No: 21

Bit-mapped graphics is also known as _______ graphics

► Vector


► Scalar

► Simple

Question No: 22

A set of stand alone productivity applications designed to work together known as ______________ .

Productivity software suites

► Compiled software

► Secure software

► Intelligent software

Question No: 23

____________ is used to terminate all JavaScript statements.

► Colon


► Underscore

► Apostrophe

Question No: 24

By today's standards, the Mark-I was slow and requiring 3 to 5 seconds for a multiplication operation.


► False

Question No: 25

There are_______________ rules to write the Pseudo Code.

► Standard

No standard

► Pre-defined

► Strict

Question No: 26

In flow charts, there is only one entry point in conditions while there is/are__________ exit points.

► 1


► 3

► 4

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CS101 Solved Subjective Midterm Paper 

CS101 Midterm Paper Question No: 27

Define URL

Answer: URL(Uniform resource locator)

URL (Uniform Resource Locator, previously Universal Resource Locator) - is the address of a file (resource) accessible on the Internet. The type of file or resource depends on the Internet application protocol.

Examples of URLs: ,

CS101 Midterm Paper Question No: 28

What is Randomized Algorithm?
Answer :  Randomized Algorithm: Any algorithm whose behavior is not only determined by the input, but also values produced by a random number generator

These algorithms are often simpler and more efficient than deterministic algorithms for the same problem. And because of there simplicity they are easier to analyze which is the most important thing in the decision making of an algorithm.

CS101 Midterm Paper Question No: 29

What was the name of first super computer. When it was introduced?
Answer :  CRAY 1 is the first computer and it was introduced in 1973

CS101 Midterm Paper Question No: 30

How a designer makes Structured Design?

Answer : Structured Design is known as a Top-down design.

The designed first conceives about the High level design and then further designs the details of the high level design components and it goes on and on.

Making small changes in the functionality of the systems sometimes leads to major re-design exercise. Structured design separates the functionality from programs data and that’s why program’s designed by this methodology are difficult to maintain.

CS101 Midterm Paper Question No: 31

Why microprocessor uses the binary number system and not the decimal or any other number system?
Answer: The processor is the logic of a computer and functions comparably to a human central nervous system, directing signals from one component to another and enabling everything to happen. A microprocessor is made from miniaturized transistors and other circuit elements on a single

semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) . These are made up oof semiconductor and silicon.

Microprocessor are composed of components which has only two states either 0 or 1. Binary number system is also composed of these two states.

Microprocessor till today only understand the machine language and machine language is only based on binary number system. Even today’s 64 bit microprocessors are also based on this technology.

CS101 Midterm Paper Question No: 32

Why do we need an Interactive Form in a webpage?
Answer:  Interactive forms are used to gather user data and interact with the user.
Forms can be made interactive with the use of client side scripting and server side scripting.

In HTML, <FORM> </FORM> tag is used to insert the form in a web page and it always lie in <BODY></BODY> html tag.

without form’s web site is only “READ ONLY”.

with the help of forms a user and can search the contents, place order for goods and services.

Forms can be simple or very complex, based on the requirement.

forms can contain a single element or many e.g text area, buttons

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CS101 Midterm Paper of Fall 2009

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CS101 Midterm Past Paper

Dear Students, Here we have CS101-Introduction to Computing Midterm Paper of Fall 2009 for Preparation of Midterm Examination. You Can Also Download CS101 Solved Mid Term Papers, CS101 Short Notes, CS101 Assignment Solutions, CS101 Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, CS101 Solved MCQs,CS101 Solved Quiz, CS101 Subjective Papers , CS101 Objective Papers from Virtual Study Solutions.

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CS101 Midterm Paper of Fall 2009

You can read below CS101 Subjective and Objective questions that came in Midterm Paper of fall 2009.

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CS101 Midterm Objective Paper

Question No: 1
Human are better than computers at:
► Efficiency
► Accuracy
► Pattern recognition
► None of the given choices

Question No: 2
Cray-1 was first commercial _________ computer
► Super
► Mini
► Micro
► Personal

Question No: 3
URL is a/an ________
► Device
► Component
► Address
► Tool

Question No: 4
Mainframe Computers are also called _____
► Enterprise Servers
► Personal Servers
► Enterprise Managers
► Window Servers

Question No: 5
Which of the following is NOT a category of Mobile Computers?
► Laptop
► Palmtop
► Desktop
► Wearable

Question No: 6
Preliminary exploration of possible solutions, technologies, suppliers is called

► Viability
► Feasibility
► Specification
► Integration

Question No: 7
__________ give us the ability to manipulate data through reference instead of actual value.

► Constants
► Variables
► Data Types
► Operators

Question No: 8
Consider the following statement written in JavaScript:
str = ”Hello” + ” World”

What will be the value of str ?
► HelloWorld
► Hello World
► Hello + World
► It will result in error

Question No: 9
A tool that helps you to find the synonyms is called ______________.

► Language
► Paragraph
► Thesaurus
► Symbol

Question No: 10 

Communication protocol is a __________that governs the flow of information over a network
► Set of protocols
► Set of rules
► Device
► Set of methods

Question No: 11 

If a computer could pass the Turing test then it would be able to:
► think like human beings
► do the things faster
► win a million dollar prize
► store more information

Question No: 12
The first Web browser with a GUI was generally available in:
► 1992
► 1993
► 1994
► 1995

Question No: 13
Web is a unique invention by humans in terms that it is:
► accessible to only the owners who control it
► accessible from particular locations only
► accessible to all humans
► accessible to only the educational institutes

Question No: 14
In this URL _____identifies the domain name
► http
► www
► msn
► com

Question No: 15
______ is simply a fast port that lets you connect computer peripherals and consumer electronics to your computer without restart.
► Freeware
► Shareware
► Fire wire
► Firmware
Question No: 16

Which of the following is NOT supported by PC's power supply.
► -12 and +12 V DC
► -10 and +10 V DC
► -5 and + 5 V DC
► All are supported

Question No: 17
In which case Cache Memory is used
► To increase RAM speed
► To overcome BUS speed
► To overcome Speed rate between RAM and CPU
► To overcome CPU speed

Question No: 18
To display a single line text area on the web page, we use ___ tag

Question No: 19
If an algorithm is syntactically correct, but semantically incorrect then this situation is
► Very good situation
► Very dangerous situation
► Not very bad
► Neutral situation

Users communicate with the computer using a consistent user interface provided by the OS.
► True
► False

Question No: 21
Application developers do not need to know much about the HW, especially the micro Processor, while they are developing their application.
► True
► False

Question No: 22
The first spread sheet program was invented by
► Charles Babbage
► Dan Bricklin
► Paul Graham
► John von Neumann

Question No: 23
Which representation technique of algorithm is more suitable for developer to make actual code___________.

► pseudo code
► flow chart
► both pseudo code and flow chart
► Heuristics

Question No: 24
_____________ is used to terminate all JavaScript statements.
► Colon
► Semicolon
► Underscore
► Apostrophe

Question No: 25
In java script cookies can be created for future use_____.

► Easily
► No facility at all
► This is not possible without Java language.
► Cookies are files so java script can not handle it.

Question No: 26
When the microprocessor desires to look at a piece of data, it checks in the __________ first.
► hard disk
► cache

CS101 Midterm Subjective Paper

Question No: 27
What is the basic difference between 'magnetic tapes' and 'floppy disks' ?

Question No: 28
What was the name of first microprocessor built by Intel ?

Question No: 29 
What was the name of first super computer. When it was introduced?

Question No: 30
Write a short note on blue pacific Super Computer.

Question No: 31
What are JavaScript literal and what are its types?

Question No: 32
Can you say that URL and semantic web sites are same? Justify your answer by defining the both terms?

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Download CS101 Fall 2009 Mid Term Paper


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CS504 Mid Term Past Papers Collection

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CS504 Mid Term Past Papers

Here we have CS504 Software Engineering - I Mid Term Past Papers Collections of Fall 2016. You Can Also Download CS504 Mid Term Papers, Short Notes, Assignment Solutions, Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, Solved MCQs, Solved Quiz ,CS504 Mid Term Subjective Papers, CS504 Mid Term Objective Papers from Virtual Study Solutions For Preparation of Software Engineering - I Mid Term Papers.

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CS504 Mid Term Past Paper Sample 

Total Question 26, 20 mcqs, 3 short and 2 long questions.
50% questions and mcqs were from chap # 11,12, 20 to 22, DFD.
50% question was base on benefits of software in real lives. 

MGT501 Current and Past Mid Term Papers

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MGT501 Mid Term Papers.

Here we have MGT501 All Current and Past Mid Term Papers. You Can Also Download MGT501 Solved Mid Term Papers, MGT501 Short Notes,MGT501 Assignment Solutions, Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, Solved MCQs, Solved Quiz , MGT501 Solved Mid Term Subjective Papers , MGT501 Mid Term Objective Papers from Virtual Study Solutions For Preparation of Mid Term Papers.

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MGT501 Mid Term Paper Sample - 1:

  1. Strategic Period in HRM?
  2. What methods organization achieved for staff-reduction? 
  3. By computerized database, what changes in the Job Description and Job Specification?
  4. What you think, Orientation technique should be same for all new entrants or customized. Support with reasons.
  5. Explain “Conscientious” (Dimension of personality). Characteristics of low and high conscientious people?

MGT501 Mid Term Paper Sample - 2:

  1. Why organization focus on individual is important?
  2. Differentiate b/w reactive and proactive approach?
  3. Which is HR manager's approach in external environment?
  4. Benefits of team based organization?
  5. Benefits of application form?

MGT501 Mid Term Paper Sample - 3:

  1. what is difference b/t on-duty and off-duty technique?
  2. Difference b/w Personality and perception?
  3. importance of background interview?
  4. who perform job analysis?and outcome of job analysis? 
  5. What is organization and describe 3 important characteristic of organization?

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Download MGT501 Solved Midterm Past Papers

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MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers 2010-2016

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MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers 2010-2016

Here is the Mega Collection of MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers 2010-2016. You Can Also Download MTH202 Solved Mid Term Papers, MTH202 Short Notes, MTH202 Assignment Solutions, Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, MTH202 Solved MCQs, Solved Quiz , MTH202 Solved Mid Term Subjective Papers , MTH202 Solved Mid Term Objective Papers From This Discussion For Preparation Mid Term Papers of Fall 2015-16.

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MTH202 Objective Solved Mid term Paper:

Here are few midterm objective questions for midterm preparation. You can read complete MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers from the Links below at the end of this post:

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 1:

If y=f(x) then instantaneous rate of change of y with respect to x at the point x0 is given by slope of tangent line at (x0,f(x0))
  • True
  • False

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 2:

If a secant line is drawn between two points P and Q on a curve, then the slope of this secant line is
  • =f(x2)-f(x1)
  • =f(x2)-f(x1)/x2
  • ={f(x2)-f(x1)}/(x2-x1)
  • =f(x1)-f(x2)/x2-x1

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 3:

For the curve f(t) = -23t+25, the slope of the tangent line at point ‘t = -1’ is
  • 23
  • -23
  • 25
  • -25
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MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 4:

If (0,0) and (2,2) are any two pints on a curve then the slope of a line parallel to the secant segment through these points is
  • 1
  • -1
  • -2

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 5:

On the straight line, the tangent at any point coincide with line -------
  • no where
  • every where
  • some where
  • none of these
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MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 6:

The process of finding the derivative is called________
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Function
  • None of these

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 7:

If f(x) =x^3 then f ’(2)= NOTE: x^n means ‘x’ to the power ‘n’
  • 12
  • 10
  • 14
  • None of these

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 8:

If f(x) = 8x^2 -2x +5 , then f ‘ (0) will be…….
  • 4
  • -2
  • -3
  • -1
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MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 9:

If the function is differentiable at a point then it is also …… that point
  • Continuous
  • Not defined

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 10:

If f(x)=3X2+2,then f'(x) will be_____. (Note: X2 means 'x' raised to the power 2)
  • 3x+2
  • 6x
  • 6x+2
  • None of these
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Download MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers

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