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Eligibility Criteria For PM National Laptop Scheme (Phase-III)

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Eligibility Criteria For PM Laptop Scheme 

Here is the Eligibility Criteria For PM National Laptop Scheme (Phase-III)-Ongoing Scheme.

Those students will be considered as Eligible who has enrolled till June 30, 2016 but not earlier than their respective program duration as per the table below:

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Eligibility Criteria For PM National Laptop Scheme
Eligibility Criteria For PM Laptop Scheme

PM National Laptop Scheme Important Note:

Students enrolled in Fall 2016 i.e. batch 1604 will be eligible to apply in Phase -IV. Therefore, such students must not apply in Phase-III.
Regards: University Focal Person for PMNL

  • S. No.
    Enrollment after
    PhD5 yearsJune 30, 2011
    2.MS/ M Phil2 yearsJune 30, 2014
    3.MBA 1.5/ 2.5/ 3.51.5/ 2.5/ 3.5 yearsDec. 31, 2014/ Dec. 31, 2013/ Dec. 31, 2012
    4.Masters (16 year education)2 yearsJune 30, 2014
    5.Bachelors4/ 5 yearsJune 30, 2012/ June 30, 2011
    6.Diploma of Associate Engineering3 YearsJune 30, 2013
    7.FA/ F Sc (Only for FATA and ICT regions)

    2 YearsJune 30, 2014        

  • Only Students enrolled in colleges located in FATA and Islamabad Capital Territory Region
  • Students studying in public sector Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutes duly recognized by HEC. Students studying as distant learner in Virtual University of Pakistan or Allama Iqbal Open University.
  • Students enrolled in PhD/ MS/ M Phil or equivalent 18 year program
  • Students enrolled in 1 or 2-year Masters degree program (morning and evening)
  • Student enrolled in 4-year or 5-year Bachelor degree program (morning and evening)
  • Students studying in government degree or postgraduate colleges of Federal Capital and Federally Administered Tribal Areas.Students' eligibility and enrollment status as defined above shall be determined on the day of distribution of laptops at the HEI, however if there is any unforeseen delay causing ineligibility of students, then those students having their online application submitted and "Accepted for Merit" will maintain their eligibility intact.
  • Students of degree colleges of other provinces may be covered from respective provincial arrangements (if any)
  • Criteria for Students enrolled in distance learning program at VU and AIOU, and students of polytechnic institutes of Pakistan and AJK shall be defined in coordination with respective universities/ boards and will be updated accordingly.
  • No laptop shall be issued to those who have availed in the past from such initiative(s) taken by the government or by the higher education institute.

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NOT to be eligible for laptops: 

Following students will NOT be eligible for laptops under this scheme:
  • Students of any private sector higher education institutes
  • Students of any government degree & postgraduate colleges except of Federal Capital and FATA
  • Students who have received a laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme
  • Foreign nationals, except students from AJK and Indian Occupied Kashmir
  • Any other students not listed above and/ or as identified and decided by the Steering Committee.
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Distribution of Laptops to Students - Rules and Merit Criteria

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Distribution of Laptops to Virtual University Students

Here are the HEC Approved Rules and Merit Criteria for Distribution of Laptops to Virtual University Students of 16 years & Equivalent Programs (BS & Masters) under PMNLS Phase-II. As Earlier we have discussed PM Laptop Scheme For Virtual University Students 2016-17.

Laptop Distribution Ceremony under the Prime Minister's National Laptop Scheme was held at Virtual University, Islamabad Campus. Chairman CDA and Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz, was the Chief Guest of the Ceremony. A welcome note was presented by Dr. Naveed A Malik, Rector Virtual University.

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Sheikh Anser Aziz also emphasized the significance of laptop scheme to the audience. Later, Laptops were awarded to 75 students enrolled in MS program.

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510 out of allocation of 2500 laptops are to be distributed to the students enrolled in MS/M.Phil. Programs. Those students found eligible by the Higher Education Commission under the scheme for this category will be awarded laptops after the publication of the list of successful candidates.

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Laptop Scheme for Students:

Prime Minister’s National Laptop Scheme (Phase – II)

Rules and Merit Criteria

HEC Approved Rules and Basic Merit Criteria for the Students of Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan
  1. Enrolled in Undergraduate i.e. BS & Masters Programs (Eq. to 16-year)
  2. Only those VU students shall be included/ considered in the merit list who have successfully submitted their applications on HEC’s PMNLS on-line portal and their data has been verified by the respective Departmental Focal Persons of the University.
  3. Students enrolled up to spring 2015 semester only shall be eligible for Phase-II of PMNLS scheme. (For details about other batches, please see announcement published on VULMS dated 10th November 2015).
  4. Minimum eligibility criteria for including the name in the merit list is based on minimum number of credit hours earned and minimum Quality Points (QPs) achieved by the student as prescribed for each batch and the semester number in the respective table below.
  5. Note: Minimum Quality Points (QPs) = Minimum no. of Credit Hours Earned x minimum CGPA required to qualify for the respective degree program
  6. Merit shall be calculated on the basis of sum of Quality Points (QPs) achieved for total number of credit hours earned by the student in his/her batch and semester number, accordingly i.e. Sum of QPs achieved in the order of merit (highest to lowest) wherein Sum of QPs = CGPA x Sum of Cr. Hrs. Earned.
  7. Laptops shall be awarded in the order to merit based on QPs and availability of quota allocated to each semester number and batch id of the respective study/ degree program.
BS & Master Programs (16 Years of Education)

  1. Master (72 & 66 Cr. Hrs.) Programs (2-Year) Only

Semester No.
 Batch  ID  
 Minimum Credit  Hours Earned
Minimum Quality Points (QPs)

 Out of  72 Cr.  Hrs.
Out of 66 Cr. Hrs.
In 72 Cr. Hrs. Programs
In 66 Cr. Hrs. Programs

In the end, remaining 10% laptops and any left over from BS Programs will be awarded to Master Degree Students within the same Department based on QPs merit and availability of quota allocated to each semester and batch ID.

  1. BS Programs (4-Year) Only

Semester No.
 Batch ID
 Credit Hours
 Quality Points 
 Quota (90%)


Remaining laptops, after distribution to 18 year equivalent programs, 90% will be allocated to BS (4-yr) Programs as quota and awarded on the basis of merit and availability of laptops as per share allocated from the quota to each batch ID/ semester.

Important Notes:

  1. Students registered with VU as “Disabled” who fulfill the “Semester No.”, “Batch ID” and “Minimum Credit Hours Earned” criteria shall be eligible, for the award of laptop, out of merit of their respective study program.
  2. Those students who have frozen their semester(s) but fulfill the criteria of minimum limit set for “Credit Hours Earned” and “QPs” prescribed according to the “Batch ID” of their respective study program shall be eligible for including in the merit list, in the order of merit.
  3. Those students who have either converted or changed their study program(s) but fulfill the above eligibility criteria set for of respective new study program, according to semester number after conversion shall be considered in the order of merit, accordingly. Credit hour(s) exempted/ transferred shall not be counted towards earned credit hours for the purpose of merit calculation.
  4. Those students who have either dropped-out or withdrawn from the University till 30-06-2015, shall not be eligible for this scheme.
  5. VU employees registered as student in any of the study program shall not be eligible for this scheme.
  6. Students who completed their respective degree requirements and graduated in spring 2015 semester shall be considered eligible.
  7. Students having “Overseas” status i.e. “OPKST” as on 30-06-2015 shall not be eligible for this scheme.
  8. Credit hours earned for “Deficiency Course(s)” shall not be counted towards “Minimum Credit Hours Earned”.
  9. In a case of tie between two or more students on merit, then the matter will be resolved on the basis of age, wherein preference shall be given to the younger student.

Calculate your total Quality Points (QPs) and GPA

Calculate Total Quality Points (QPs) and GPA.xlsx, 11 KB

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