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Apply For Rescheduling Of Missed Midterm Paper

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Apply For Rescheduling - Midterm Paper

Here is the Latest Update for Fall 2016 Mid Term Examinations: Now Students can Apply For Rescheduling Of Missed/Unplanned Midterm Paper. for Details of Rules and Procedure please Read this Complete Article.

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Midterm Paper Rescheduling Rules:

  1. A student may request for re-scheduling of missed/unplanned paper(s) on payment of prescribed fee .
  2. Only missed/unplanned paper(s) can be rescheduled.
  3. The re-schedule chance shall be provided one time only as per the given schedule.
  4. The decision of the University about re-scheduling i.e. city/center/date/time shall be final.
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Midterm Paper Rescheduling Procedure:

Dear Virtual University students, You may request for rescheduling of missed/unplanned paper(s) from Student Services on or before Friday, December 30,2016 (No request will be considered after the specified date.)

Goto : Vulms => Student Services =>Examinations Department => Apply for Rescheduling of Papers

Once your request is duly processed, a confirmation email will be sent on your VU email from

(Virtual University requires at least 24-48 hours for processing your request.)
Now, you must take a fresh print of your Exam Entrance slip from
In case of any query regarding rescheduling, please Contact at

This Update was Published On:  Sunday, December 18, 2016

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Important Note:

Please note that rescheduled paper(s) will be conducted on Sunday, January 1, 2017.Fee voucher of prescribed fee shall be payable before the announcement of result.

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How to make a Assignment - Instructions and Help

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How to make a Assignment.

Dear Virtual University Students, Here is the Complete tutorial with Step by Step instructions on how to Make a Assignment. Preparation of Assignments is a creative art and asks the student put all energies to resolve the problems based on knowledge she/he got during last sessions.
Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from internet, handouts or books.
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Follow Steps to Make a Assignment

Here are some Steps involved in making a good Assignment
  • Understand The Question
  • Set Solution Time period
  • Collect Relative Information and Data
  • Make First Draft of Solution
  • Recheck & Make Second Draft
  • Make Final Draft
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How to Make a Assignment - Instructions

Please, follow the Given steps for making a Good Assignment.
  • Download the Assignment file from VULMS.
  • Read the instructions carefully and also check the format of file in which you have to submit the assignment. Like in ENG, MGT, PAK it is (.doc or .docx format) i.e. MS word default format. While for CS it is .html format. Make sure you are submitting the file of required format.(It may change according to the subjects better read the instructions carefully first).
  • Duplicate the assignment file by Copy, Paste. & If it is PDF file then make a new word file in .doc or .docx format or any other which is given in instruction .
  • Now open the duplicate file and edit it Or if new then make it according to the given steps.
  • While Editing first remove the Instruction from the top.
  • Now on Top add heading e.g. if it is English Assignment then write (ENG101 Fall 2016 Assignment 2 or CS101 Fall 2016 Assignment 2).
  • After adding the heading go down and on right or Left corner write your student ID followed by Date on other corner.
  • After completing all these steps now answer each question respectively. Write the answers under the Questions and make the questions bold so they can be easily recognized.
  • After completing the assignment Save It and rename it to your subject and assignment no. along with student ID. Like: ( ENG101 Assignment 1 Fall 2016 (BCxxxxxx).
  • Check it twice thrice after completion for any errors or corrections.
  • After checking if you are confident that it is correct submit it on VULMS. And Try to complete and submit it before due date. Because after due date no assignment will be accepted.
  • Before submitting make sure that file is not corrupted and is 100% zoomed. 
  • For submitting go to the Assignment section of the subject. Click on Submit, browse and upload the file.
  • After your assignment is submitted it will show a message to you that your assignment/file has been submitted successfully. If not it will show an error that your file has not been submitted, In this case try submitting again.
  • Deadlines for submission must be strictly Noticed. Late assignments are not accepted since the Virtual University already makes an allowance for infrastructure problems such as power loss etc.

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Thank You For Reading. Subscribe Us for Assignment Solutions and Mid/Final Term Past Papers. Good Luck

Virtual University (VU) Exams Pattern

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VU Exams Pattern

Virtual University Mid term Exams duration range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes for final term Exams. Each question has a known correct answer.
Follow the Guidelines to Get Good Marks in Mid-Term Examination How You Should Prepare to Be Successful In Mid Term past papers to get Good Marks in Mid Term.

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Virtual University (VU) Midterm Exams pattern

Total duration of exam is 60 minutes.
15 to 20 total MCQs (1 mark). Some course has 30 to 35 total MCQs (1 mark).
1 to 5 written questions of 2 to 3 marks each.
1 question of 10 marks / 2 questions of 5 mark each.
100% Questions from 23 lectures.

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Virtual University (VU) Final Term exams Pattern

Total duration of exam is 90 minutes.
30 to 35 total MCQs (1 mark). Some course has 40 to 50 total MCQs (1 mark).
5 to 10 written questions of 2 to 3 marks each.
1 question of 10 marks / 2 questions of 5 mark each.
70% Questions from 23 – 45 lectures.
30% Questions from 1 – 23 lectures.

How to use the VU Exam Software

Duration of paper:
Mid Term : 60 minutes
Final Term : 120 minutes

Login the exam software by entering Student ID and Exam Password(mentioned on your “Exam Entrance Slip”).

Please note:

Exam Software shall automatically close when the prescribed time is over. You areadvised to save your data frequently in order to prevent any data loss. •In case you are asked by the examiner to close your paper on technical grounds, youmust close it through browser close button [ ] and NOT through the “Finish”button.

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Important Instructions:

Don’t copy image directly from paint. Instead, first copy the image into MS Word, thenpaste it in the Exam Software.
You can save data up to a maximum of 2MB size in a single descriptive question. •For larger images, save as monochrome bitmap image in MS paint, then paste it intoexam software.
Warning: In order to avoid any kind of data loss or other problem, take care of the following:
Do not close the browser window. •Do not press browser back button. Instead, use the exam software navigationbuttons.

Download MATH Type Software for VU Students

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Download MATH Type Software for VU Students:

Virtual university (VU) students can now facilitate by downloading Math Type 5 software and student.Welcome to virtual university (VU) software download services.
Student often feel difficulty to write math equation of word document. By downlaoding Math Type they can easily type math equations.

Download Math Type from here

Click here to Download

don't try to choose trail version.Use this key,

Serial Key : MTWE691-011084-r0xyl

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How to Insert Math Equations in GDB

  1. To insert math equations in GDB answer, following are the guidelines:- 1. User must install Math Type software to generate the various math equations. 2. Launch the Math Type and go to the Preferences Tab in menu bar and click on “Cut and Copy Preferences” and match the settings as per given below screenshot and click “Ok”.
  2. Note: In previous versions of Math Type, go to Preferences Tab in menu bar and click on “Translators” and match the settings as per given below screenshot and click “Ok”
  3. Now generate required math equation, and simply copy it by pressing (Ctrl+C). It will copy Math Equation Script instead of actual equation, if step 2 is properly followed.
  4. After copying Equation from Math Type, simply paste the equation script into GDB answer interface in VULMS and press “Post Message” button. 
  5. Verify Math type GDB answer and its details from the given interface in VULMS under GDB section.  

How To Solve MCQs Fast With Maximum Correct Answers

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How To Solve MCQs Fast With Maximum Correct Answers

Today you will learn here how to solve MCQ's Fast enough with Maximum Possible Correct Responses. First get yourself out from the bubble of desperate times desperate measures. You should have a very clear picture of how you are going to handle your exam before the exam.
In MCQ type questions it’s not the question that makes the examination tough it’s the 4 options that create chaos in our mind. We all have enough theory knowledge to crack any exam but as the trend has changed so, we need objective approach to solve objective type problems.
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Think First Act Later:

Inside the examination hall after reading a particular question. Few questions often come in our mind. Is this topic is from outside the syllabus? Do I have heard of this topic/term before? , Which subject is this question from? Let’s say we already have hundreds of question to solve in the examination and our mind creating questions after reading a question is not good. To handle this type of problem make a habit or train your brain in such a way that it asks the questions first after reading a particular MCQ rather than questions coming into your brain so, what are the questions you need to ask? First ask yourself just after reading the question which subject this question is from? Once you get the answer ask again which topic? Now after answering these two questions your brain will only look for answers from the topics of this subject only rather than throwing the stones in dark.
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Method Of Elimination.

In all almost all objective type questions two options can be eliminated after reading the question. The approach is simple , read the question once then read all the four options carefully then pick out two options that can’t be answer of the question. If we eliminate two options we have to search for answer among the remaining two only.
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Don’t See The Options Yet: 

In this approach first read the question carefully. Then without reading the options try to think of an answer. If a topic surround the questions comes into your mind in the very first moment after reading the question now, see the options and look for the option that matches with your mind picked answer/topic. How this approach helps? These days objective questions and there options are designed in such a way that even if you have knowledge of that particular question after reading the all four options you will get confused. And this confusion will create question in your mind Do I really have studied this topic in-depth?
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Let Me Fill The Blanks:

In this approach try to consider a particular question as a fill in the blank type question rather than a MCQ. Read the question carefully then virtually fill answer to this question in your brain. Now read the options and try to pick one. You may think that this approach is similar to Don’t see the options yet but it’s slightly more concentrated towards the correct option.
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Combined Approach:

In this approach of solving MCQ’s you need to apply all the weapons you have. First use Don’t see the options yet then apply Method of elimination. By using combined approach you will end up with one option rather than two in case of only applying method of elimination.

Practice few mcq’s based upon the 5 approaches and judge with approach(s) works best for you and try to apply them in your final exam. Do let us know in the comments below how it goes

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