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HEC Launched New Education Testing Service From Spring 2017

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HEC - New Education Testing Service

Dear Students, HEC has Launched New Education Testing Service For Admissions, Scholarships From Spring 2017 . Now say , Bye to NTS - HEC Launched Education Testing Service For Admissions, Scholarships From Spring 2017.

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New Testing Service For Admissions, Scholarships

According to Daily Times, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has warned all the Pakistani recognized universities not to approach the NTS for conducting tests for admissions and scholarships.

The universities have been asked to conduct the Education Testing Service (ETC)for conducting tests for admissions and student scholarships.

ETC (Education Testing Service) is a testing service launched by the HEC and will be functioning from next year – 2017. 

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Most important part is, there will be no fees to pay for appearing in the tests.

The service will be introduced to facilitate students as it will be free of cost whereas NTS charges a fee from the students to appear in tests. This would be a great motivation for all students

Initially the council would conduct the test for undergraduate students and later for MS and PhD admissions as well”, Dr.Ahmed.

HEC Launched New Education Testing Service From Spring 2017
HEC  New Education Testing Service
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