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How to write C++ program to make a Simple Calculator

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C++ program to make a Simple Calculator

Welcome to Virtual Study Solutions C++ Tutorial. Today we will learn How to make a Simple Calculator using switch statement in C++ programming language. This program use arithmetic operator (+, -, *, /) and two operands input from user and performs the operation on those two operands depending upon the operator entered by user.
Learn to write C++ program to make a Simple Calculator
Write C++ program to make a Simple Calculator

How to make a Simple Calculator in C++

To understand this Program , you should have basic Understanding of following C++ programming topics:
  • C++ switch Case Statement
  • C++ break and continue Statement
lets take a look on Example Code to make a Simple Calculator using switch statement.

Simple Calculator Using switch Case

C++ Program to Make a Simple Calculator to Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Using switch Case.

# include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
    char sign;    float num1, num2;

    cout << "Enter operator either + or - or * or /: ";
    cin >> sign;

    cout << "Enter two operands: ";
    cin >> num1 >> num2;

    switch(sign)    {
        case '+':
            cout << num1+num2;

        case '-':
            cout << num1-num2;

        case '*':
            cout << num1*num2;

        case '/':
            cout << num1/num2;

            // If the operator is other than +, -, * or /, error message is shown
            cout << "Error! operator is not correct";

    return 0;

Simple Calculator Program Output

Enter operator either + or - or * or divide : -
Enter two operands: 
3.4 - 8.4 = -5.0

Simple Calculator Program Logic

This program takes an operator and two operands from user.

The operator is stored in variable sign and two operands are stored in num1 and num2 respectively.

Then, switch case statement is used for checking the operator entered by user.

If user enters + then, statements for case: '+' is executed and program is terminated.

If user enters - then, statements for case: '-' is executed and program is terminated.

This program works similarly for * and / operator. But, if the operator doesn't matches any of the four character [ +, -, * and / ], default statement is executed which displays error message.

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C++ program to Make Simple calculator

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Write a C++ program to MAke Simple calculator

C++ Exercise 1:
Write a program and call it calc.cpp which is the basic calculator and receives three values from input via keyboard.
 in this C++ tutorial The first value as an operator (Op1) should be a char type and one of (+, -, *, /, s) characters with the following meanings:
o ‘+’ for addition (num1 + num2)
o ‘-’ for subtraction (num1 - num2)
o ‘*’ for multiplication (num1 * num2)
o ‘/’ for division (num1 / num2)
o ‘s’ for swap
in this C++ tutorial Program should receive another two operands (Num1, Num2) which could be float or integer.
 in this C++ tutorial The program should apply the first given operator (Op1) into the operands (Num1, Num2) and prints the relevant results with related messages in the screen.
 in this C++ tutorial Swap operator exchanges the content (swap) of two variables, for this task you are not allowed to use any further variables (You should use just two variables to swap).


using namespace std;

int main()
//-------defining variables and initializing them-------------    
    double num1,num2;
    char operation,redo;
//--------Printing my name on screen----------------    
    cout<<"Welcome to the calculater program v.1.0 written by Your Name"<<endl;
//--here do loop is used so that the program can be used more then one time
//without exiting the run screen---------------------------    
 //----receiving the variables from input--------------         
    cout<<" Please enter an operation which you like to calculate (+,-,*,/,s)";
    cout<<"[s stands for swap]:";
    cin>>operation ;
     cout<<" Please enter two numbers to apply your requested operation(";
    cout<<operation<<"):"<<endl<<"1st num:";
    cout<<"2nd num:" ;
 //---used switch function so thet the operater can be decided------------  
    switch (operation)
//------calculating the requested equation for inputs------------- 
//-------at the same time printing the results on screen-----------          
             cout<<"The addition of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):";
             cout<<"The substraction of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):";
             cout<<"The multiplication of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):";
             cout<<"The division of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):";
             cout<<"not valid"<<endl;
             cout<<"The swap of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):";
             cout<<"1stnumber="<<num1<<"and 2nd number="<<num2<<endl<<endl;                    
              cout<<"unknown command"<<endl;
 //----now once again the program will ask the user if want to continue or not          
           cout<<"enter y or Y to continue:";
    return 0;

C++ tutorial how to write Calculator Program- VirtualStudySolution by Zohaib khan

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