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Virtual University 8th Convocation Complete Details

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Virtual University 8th Convocation

Virtual University 8th Convocation (Karachi) is scheduled to be held on April 4, 2017 at 9:30 am at Pearl Continental Hotel - PC Hotel Karachi. For this, invitation letters are being dispatched to all registered graduates of Karachi event. Previously we shared List Of Virtual University 8th Convocation Position Holders.

How to Join Virtual University 8th Convocation

Please do not forget to print your invitation card and your guest’s entry card (which is mandatory for entrance) from the following link:\convocation\

8th Convocation Important Instructions:

1. Entry into the venue is restricted to card holder only
2. One card is valid for one person only
3. To avoid any embarrassment, please do not bring your children
4. Bring your original CNIC & one photocopy without which degree shall not be delivered
5. Mobile phones & electronic devices are strictly prohibited inside hall

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In case of any query, students may contact at:
1. Ph # 042-99204760, 99203899
2. Email :

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Virtual University 8th Convocation List of Position Holders

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Virtual University 8th Convocation

Here is the List of Position Holders of Virtual University Spring 2016 Graduating Semester (8th Convocation).

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List of Position Holders Spring 2016

Published On: Tuesday, December 20, 2016
List of Position Holders of Spring 2016 Graduating Semester (8th Convocation).

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Batch:1504 (1 Year Program)

Position  StudentID  Name  CGPA

B.Ed (B.Ed. Elementary)
1st bc150400313 Aisha Basir 3.97
2nd bc150400093 Maleeha Mati 3.95
3rd bc150402922 Ayesha Baig 3.95
Batch:1404 (2 Years Programs)

Associate Degree in Computer Networking)
1st bc140401269 Mazia Tallat Chughtai 3.75
2nd bc140401525 Muhammad Usman 3.75
3rd bc140402784 Mir Hassan Riaz 3.61

Associate Degree in Database Management System)
1st bc140403284 Muhammad Siddique 3.67

Associate Degree in Web Design and Development)
1st bc140401058 Ayesha Tariq 3.76
2nd bc140401471 Faisal Aziz 3.70
3rd bc140400943 Khuram Shehzad 3.69

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Batch:1404 (2 Years Bachelor Programs)

B Com
1st bc140400492 Tayyab Saleem 3.85
2nd bc140402111 Aashmail Zahid 3.67
3rd bc140400089 Syed Ahtasham Mehdi 3.65

B.Sc. (Math. Stat. Eco.)
1st bc140400447 Syeda Shanza Amir 3.96
2nd bc140403310 Omama 3.64
3rd bc140401384 Maqsood Ahmad 3.60

1st bc140400494 Syeda Maria Hussain 3.92
2nd bc140400435 Asma Butt 3.72
3rd bc140403003 Samiya Abdul Sattar 3.61

BA-Business Administration
1st bc140400312 Khadija Noman 3.93
2nd bc140400001 Muhammad Mahboob Khan 3.91
3rd bc140400841 Asma Khurshid 3.87

BA-Mass Communication
1st bc140401364 Hafiza Hafsa Amman 3.92
2nd bc140403386 Faheem Malik 3.91
3rd bc140402569 Areeba 3.82

1st bc140400283 Mubashirah Tariq Qasmi 3.83
2nd bc140403433 Fizza Shahzad 3.80
3rd bc140400403 Aysha Shahid 3.79

BSc-Computer Science
1st bc140402839 Nimra Shayan 3.97
2nd bc140402802 Tahira Rasool 3.96
3rd bc140402214 Amna 3.94

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Batch:1204 (4 Years BS Programs)

Bachelor of Business & Information Technology (BBIT)
1st bc120401057 Syeda Pakeeza Batool Rizvi 3.65

BS-Business Administration
1st bc120401009 Samra Tariq 3.85
2nd bc120403127 Jannat Iqbal 3.74

BS-Computer Science
1st bc120403130 Rawan Babar Khan 3.93
2nd bc120401420 Hassan 3.91
3rd bc120401005 Mubashir Saeed 3.88

BS-Information Technology
1st bc120401433 Naazish Mukhtar 3.86
2nd bc120402091 Razi Uddin 3.85
3rd bc120403600 Khubaib Ahmad 3.79

1st bc120401936 Muhammad Tayyab Hanif 3.74
BS-Mass Communication
1st bc120400175 Mahim Sohail 3.66

1st bc120401219 Adil Ali 3.86
2nd bc120400606 Fariha Arshed 3.81
3rd bc120403734 Rabiea Faruqi 3.79

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Batch:1404 (2 Years Masters Programs)

M. Accounting
1st mc140401314 Wajahat Khan 3.71

M. Accounting & Finance
1st mc140401906 Hafeez Ur Rehman Fahad 3.87
2nd mc140400199 Tariq 3.79
3rd mc140400023 Muhammad Abu Bakar Roshan 3.77

M. Banking & Finance
1st mc140402254 Akber Ali 3.53

1st mc140400479 Mamoona Pervaiz 3.93
2nd mc140401636 Iqra Tariq 3.91
3rd mc140402868 Faryal Siknader 3.87

M.Sc. Applied Psychology
1st mc140400399 Shumaila Mehreen 3.99
2nd mc140401610 Sumaira Mehmood 3.98
3rd mc140400975 Shajia Tehreem 3.83

MB Econ
1st mc140402615 Khalid Hassan 3.66

MBA-Exec. (72 Cr. Hrs. / 2 Years)
1st mc140402513 Misbah Imran 3.92
2nd mc140401089 Muhammad Asif 3.92
3rd mc140402697 Kinaan Khalid 3.91

1st mc140400400 Tooba Iqbal 3.89
2nd mc140401719 Muhammad Zain 3.85
3rd mc140401524 Burhan Ahmed 3.83

1st mc140400537 Muhammad Waheed Iqbal 3.99
2nd mc140400037 Adnan Farid 3.97
3rd mc140402101 Rashid Manzoor 3.96

1st mc140401234 Aafia Shadab 3.93
2nd mc140401883 Muhammad Zeshan 3.90
3rd mc140400152 Affifa Kanwal 3.84

1st mc140402401 Ahmar Waheed Sadiq 3.94
2nd mc140400112 Muhammad Waqar Majeed 3.88
3rd mc140402633 Nayab Gul 3.81

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Batch:1404 (2 Years MS Program)

MS in Computer Science
1st ms140400088 Iqra Ejaz 3.94
2nd ms140400191 Anam Manzoor 3.85
3rd ms140400338 Rabia Arshad 3.84

Errors and Omissions Excepted up to December 31, 2016
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